Digital Friendship Bracelets


Head to the forum to find segments

Welcome to another awesome IGGPPCamp activity – digital friendship bracelet building! This activity is where you can build your very own friendship bracelet by swapping segments with your friends.


How it works

1. Design your own unique “Primary” segment. You can do this in PhotoShop or Gimp or even Paint! It must be 40×40 pixels. See the segment border templates below for a good starting point. It should be saved as a transparent PNG, and should represent you, or your website or blog.
2. Begin building your bracelet on your blog by first placing the beginning end segment (or choose a different style end below), then the IGGPPCamp logo segment linking to our camp page (this segment is optional!), then your own “Primary” segment, and finally the finishing end segment (or choose a different style end below). This is the beginning of your beautiful friendship bracelet!
3. Go make friends, and swap segments! You can either let the person know you want to swap “Primary” segments by emailing them, or you can treat this like a scavenger hunt and go collect all the segments you want. Like Pokemon! Gotta catch ’em all! Feel free to link each segment back to its owner, but it’s not required. We’ve started a forum for people to share their segments on the site.
4. Place new segments to make your bracelet longer. Put any new segments you find before the finishing end segment but after your own “Primary” segment to make your bracelet longer. Make it as long as you want! It can go onto multiple lines if it has to, or you can build multiple bracelets on top of each with several ends. There’s no limit!

The Rules

  • Nothing offensive. Shouldn’t even have to say it, but we are!
  • Your segments must be 40×40 pixels in size.
  • Your bracelet must contain your own “Primary” segment, and ideally should link to your blog.
  • Your bracelet must contain 2 logical ends. If you don’t like the ends we’ve given you, make your own!
  • Try to make it easy for people to find your bracelet. Put it on your homepage, or link to it from your home page, so iggles know how to find your segment.

Other fun little tidbits

Feel free to design fun segments for people to use in addition to your own “Primary” segment. Design one representing your favorite fandom, or your zodiac sign… animals you love, your favorite food… the moon is the limit, literally! You can design the moon! Share them, and your bracelet, on your blog, and tell the world about it by using #MyFriendshipBracelet or this forum

Here’s JimBob’s Bracelet

Isn’t it cute? And here’s his code

Segment Border Templates

Download a PNG and design your “Primary” segment!



end1 end2
end3 end4
end5 end6
end7 end8
end9 end10

Head to the forum to find segments

This project was inspired by the now defunct quilting bee, which was an experiment in digital quilt-creating and friendship. If you still have your quilting bee patches, feel free to use them as friendship bracelet segments.