Halloween Party

Join us for our 3rd Annual Halloween Party! Last year we had a 24-hour Halloween movie watch-along, ate candy, baked together, played games, and so much more.

When: October 30 2:00 AM UTC- October 31 2:00 AM UTC
How to join in: Check out the Activities that are happening below, see what is happening on the Forums. Then use #IGGPPC to join in on the conversation: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
RSVP: On Facebook!

October 1 – 7

Sign up for the Halloween Swap! It’s open right now.

October 30

4:00 PM EST/8:00 PM UTC: Movie watch-along, It Follows
Join Joanna, Farquharson and Stewie as we watch this extra creepy Supernatural horror flick. Will we survive? Will there be wine? Yes, and probably. Use #IgglesWatch to join in on the conversation.

6:00 PM EST/10:00 PM UTC: Movie watch-along, Young Frankenstein
We’ll be having a movie watch-along with our besties over at FanMail Box. Join us as we watch Young Frankenstein, a classic Halloween flick and a timely reflection on the genius that was Gene Wilder. Use #IgglesWatch to join in on the conversation.