Main Staff

Emily Farquharson-Hall (Farquharson)Emily

Co-founder, Spreadsheet Wizard, Super Villain, Oxygen Thief
Emily Farquharson-Hall, aka Frogmella, is a freestyle baker, unicorn hunter, book fiend and the IGGPPC HQ resident super villain. Hailing from the mighty Yorkshire, she is a lady of many refined tastes and has an extensive knowledgeable on many useless subjects. Visually creative by nature and obsessed with silhouettes, her nonchalantly macabre art is not for the feint of heart. When she is not attached to the PC, Emily can be found with her nose in a book, playing with her dog the Countess Bones Chalupa-Batman El Diablo or singing jazz songs really badly in the kitchen while baking tasty treats.
Top 10 Geek Loves Batman, Star Wars, Hunter S. Thompson, Mae West, The Muppets, Twin Peaks, Ron Swanson, Disney Villains, Archer, Invader Zim
Location: United Kingdom
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Leslie Hunsinger (Stewie)

Co-founder, Design Pixie, Ewok, Part-time Phoebe Buffay, generally quite fluffy
Stewie, is a manic Internet pixie. She does web development and marketing, as well as graphic magic and general creative merriment for the club. The Internet is her playground, and she’s always in the midst of some new fun and silly project. If she could, she would cuddle a Care Bear and an Ewok under a rainbow forever. She’s married to a really cool guy named Mark, and in their spare time they love to LARP and watch random Twitch streams. She lives in Norwalk, Connecticut, where she loves going to the aquarium, because fish are her friends. She adores salad, avocados, and pretty much all vegetables. She has a pretty cool day job, working for ReedPOP – the company who puts on New York Comic Con and other amazing events. Tweet her, because she is always on Twitter.
Top 10 Geek Loves Disney, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Sci-Fi, Sailor Moon, the Addams Family, Harley Quinn
Location: Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
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Jen Giammarco (Sparkles)

Overlord, Sparkling Seamstress, Professional Crazy Cat Lady, Holder of Everyone’s Hands, World’s Friendliest Canadian
Jen Giammarco, aka Sparkles, is a crafter who takes inspiration from the world around her and believes that the world is her playground. She has an obsession with cats, caffeine, cupcakes, the X-Men Universe, and anything cute. Right now she lives in Northern Ontario with her husband and their two fur babies – a chubby orange tabby and a little black ninja… I mean cat. She blogs about her interests, crafts, and recipes at her fantastic blog and runs her own Etsy shop which is filled with her sewn creations. Currently, she works a retail day job where she has to hide her superhero t-shirts with a uniform but makes a point of attending as many comic conventions as she can to let her geek out. When she’s not at work or at cons, you can find her at home sewing, reading comics or yelling at the television (usually due to a video game or The Walking Dead).
Top 10 Geek Loves: X-Men, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, My Little Pony, Pop! Vinyl figures, Hello Kitty, The Hunger Games, Nintendo
Location: Ontario, Canada
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Arielle Fragassi (Toasty)

Sciency One, Tea Aficionado, Total Texan, Queen of the Jeeps
Arielle Fragassi, aka Toasty is a mad scientist who, when not wearing her lab coat, can be seen putting her scientific background to use, dabbling in baking, cooking, and canning. She has a passion for photography and never leaves home without her camera. She drives a big Jeep and loves to go off the beaten path. She enjoys the finer things in life, like tea, bacon and sushi. She blogs sporadically over at Texas Toasty about her hobbies, tea, and adventures. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs. Check her awesome photography out on Flickr!
Top 10 Geek Loves: Photography, Tea, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Welcome to Night Vale, Baking, Writing, Geocaching, My Little Pony, Tetris
Location: Houston, Texas, United States of ‘MURICA
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Kimberlee Lockhart (Kimkat)

Hello Kitty’s Bestie, Bookworm, Coffee Addict
Kimberlee Lockhart, is a bibliophile, shoe-oholic, planner addict, and lover of all things small and cute and fluffy. While she is still slowly working to win Alabama over with her Canadian ways she has come to appreciate the simplicity of a porch swing in the summer and the sound of cicadas. She might love a good cup of coffee but there’s always room for tea in her schedule. Rumor has it her undying love can be bought with scones and devon cream. When she isn’t curled up with a good book, she may be found gaming, watching anime, or posting about her obsessions at Kimberlee and her husband, The Ginger, are working to raise their little nerdling in the way of all things geek with the help of their dog and four cats.
Top 10 Geek Loves: Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, Fairy Tail, crafting, planners/bujo, fountain pens, gaming, mystery (fiction books and tv), knitting.
Location: Alabama, USA
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Summer Sparacin (Sumsy)

Mrs. Dewey Decimal, Inter Galactic Baby Spreadsheet Wizard, Tribble in Disguise
Summer, aka Sumsy, is a Texan by birth and Chicagoan by choice.  She’s obsessed with murder mystery TV dramas and can usually tell you whodunnit within the first 10 seconds. A nerd by birth, she loves Doctor Who, the X-Files, and is always looking for a good young adult fantasy novel to read. Make sure to follow her life full of fluffy cats and floral print dresses on her blog. You can also find her as one of the editors of the Ladies’ Night Anthology. Fun facts about Summer! Her favorite animal is the majestic manatee, and her favorite Star Trek captain is Janeway – though Picard is a close second.
Top 10 Geek Loves: The X-Files, Star Trek (Voyager & TNG), Doctor Who, musical theatre, Harry Potter, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, comics, Poirot, cross stitching
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Joanna Volavka (Jo)

Content Editor and Keeper of Commas, Spreader of Smiles, Disnerd
Joanna is usually flitting around hither and yon with a dash of whimsy and a healthy dollop of sarcasm in her hip pocket. She likes very bad jokes (it’s probably best not to get her started) and playing in the outdoors as much as possible. Her first geeky passion was Lord of the Rings, she’s had a longtime love affair with Star Wars and she is a lifetime Disnerd. She’s a cat lady and a tea drinker, a Whovian and a Nerdfighter, a Potterhead and a globe-trotter. Joanna isn’t entirely sure what she’ll be when she grows up, but she suspects it will probably be herself. Conservation and animals are her jam (and sometimes the bread and butter, too). She takes pictures sometimes and blogs sometimes and you can usually find both over at Her debut novel, Threadwalkers, will be published in October 2017.
Top 10 Geek Loves: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Discworld, Doctor Who, Star Wars, all things Disney, geeky fashion, My Little Pony, writing, animals/conservation.
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA (except when she’s traveling, which is frequently)
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Rosa Bagge (Roro)

Viking, Gingerbread Builder Extraordinaire, Sweater Weather Enthusiast
Rosa spends much of her time baking silly gingerbread people, and reading in her much beloved fantasy books. She likes doing mundane activities while listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, because it makes her feel like a hero on an epic quest. She is a Ravenclaw, but secretly wishes she was a Hufflepuff, because yellow and badgers and kitchen proximity. She likes all things viking, and is pretty sure she would have made an awesome shield-maiden (although she could not be more wrong). She is a walking mythology and folklore encyclopedia, and she wishes she had a dragon. You can follow her gingerbread artistry on her website
Top 10 Geek Loves: Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Gentleman Bastard, Realm of the Elderlings (just give me all your fantasybooks is what I’m saying), Black Sails, Daria, Bob’s Burgers, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls.
Location: Denmark
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Prefects (House Activities Coordinators)

Amanda Miller

Amanda is a Midwest native, and our resident mermaid. She loves all things Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, and monster-themed. She travels a lot, so if you’re playing tourist and a stranger asks if you want a photo taken so you’re not struggling to get that artistic selfie out in the wild, odds are good that it’s her. You can find Amanda on Twitter and Instagram. Say hello!

Claire Addison

Claire hails from the UK, and is the resident Sticker Queen. She is obsessed with her cats and can be found playing boardgames in her spare time. You can find Claire at Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest.

Mafalda Correia

Mafalda is a proud Slytherin! Some of the things she loves are crafts/diy’s – planners and sewing are two of her new loves! Food is in her head always! Don’t forget movies/tvshows, she loves almost everything but reads only romance and paranormal romance! In general, life is good! All of this with hubby and Maggie, plus her awesome iggle/internet family! You can find Mafalda at Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest

Crystal Eifert

Crystal lives in Michigan with her husband and kiddo. She is a proud Hufflepuff, collector of postcards and loves all things art. You can usually find her going on road trip adventures with her family and covered in paint. Find her on instagram or Twitter to say hello! You can find Crystal at Twitter

YouTube Coordinator

MagicCatJennyJennifer Holmquist

Maker of Films, Writer of Stories, Crafter, Jellicle Cat, YouTube Guru
Jenny is a creative storyteller. She’s in love with the culture and creative space of YouTube and now manages the clubs’ YouTube channel. For years she’s worked in the YouTube industry and is now sharing her experience and knowledge as an independent YouTube Marketing Consultant. Originally from southern California she now lives in Annapolis, MD with her scientist/musician husband, Jim. If she was not allergic (so tragic) she’d own a cat, but instead, she settles for dressing up as one to places like BroadwayCon. She also runs an Etsy shop for geeks, feminists, and musical theater nerds, where you can get buttons, magnets, stickers, and more. When she’s not making videos or crafting she enjoys exploring the world with Jim, reading books, listening to live music, and writing her own stories. Her motto is: if you want something to exist, just create it!
Top 10 Geek Loves: CATS (the musical), Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth, Disney, other musicals (such as Hamilton), Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Literature (reading & writing it), Cosplay, cheese


Swaps Coordinator

Michelle Campbell

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada she loves all things geeky and is a giant bookworm. Loves to spend her time at comic conventions and obsesses over space themed everything. She’s a new runner (hopes to one day complete a Disney Run) and a big planner nerd. She also is co-head of the Iggle BookWorms. You can find Michelle at Instagram / Twitter / Goodreads

Retired Staff

Emma Somerville

Em is the owner and artist behind Em Somerville Illustration. She juggles illustrating with a job in finance, and baking up a storm whenever she has a free moment. her desk is lined with plastic Dinosaurs, prints from her favourite artists, pretty photos, postcards from wonderful people and Back to the Future LEGO.

Kara San Joaquin aka Buffalo and Swap Master K

Admittedly more of a nerd than a geek, Kara (pronunciation: KAR-uh) has been lurking around IGGPPC since Round 1, because she feels at home in this lovely community of friends who are passionate about snail mail, creative pursuits, and interests that tend towards being off the beaten path. Her natural habitats include being in the middle of concert crowds in cozy club venues (music-obsessed), running through hospitals trying to soak up everything she can (nursing student), or hanging out in one of the numerous “hipster” coffee shops in town (chatter and coffee beans keep her focused.) Kara enjoys doing too many projects at once, eating all the things, and thinking too much… hence the whole nerd thing. You are most likely to catch a wild Kara if you attach one of the following lures to your fishing hook: Sharpie, mismatched clothing, plane ticket, puppy-sized elephant, Cadbury Jelly Poppin’ Candy Shells.

Valerie Minnich aka Dragon aka Spockling

If you’re familiar with Spock from Star Trek, you practically already know Valerie Minnich – she lives by logic, treasures diversity, takes everything literally, finds comfort in the familiar, & thinks that you are fascinating– just add a dash of Muppet-style-flailing fangirl now & then, & the picture is pretty much complete. Raised in the wilds of Indianapolis by Nintendo & Legos, she turned out mostly okay, except for a strange dependency on books, music, tea, movies, & her electronic devices. People call her creative & clever, but that’s just because she knits & thinks a lot.