Geek Girl Pen Pals has been in existence since March 2013. We’ve had a lot of awesome people help run things in that time.

Here’s a little guide to who’s who:

Current Staff
Hall of Fame

The Founders

The two unicorns, one good, one evil, who had an idea on March 19th, 2013 and that idea sprung to life as the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. But which one is good and which is evil?

FarquharsonCo-Founder, Spreadsheet Wizard, Supervillain, Oxygen Thief
Emily aka Farquharson is a freestyle baker, unicorn hunter, book fiend and the IGGPPC HQ resident supervillain.
StewieCo-Founder, Design Pixie, Ewok, Part-time Phoebe Buffay
Stewie is a manic Internet pixie who does web development and marketing, as well as graphics magic and general creative merriment for the club.

Current Staff

Here’s who’s keeping IGGPPC going right now along with Farquharson and Stewie.

JenOG Overlord, Sparkling Seamstress, Professional Crazy Cat Lady, Holder of Everyone’s Hands, World’s Friendliest Canadian
Jen, aka Sparkles, is a crafter who takes inspiration from the world around her and believes that the world is her playground.
SummerCat Wrangler, Inter Galactic Spreadsheet Wizard, Tribble in Disguise
Summer, aka Sumsy, is a Texan by birth and Chicagoan by choice. She’s obsessed with manatees and studies 14th Italian sword fighting & martial arts.
JoannaContent Editor and Keeper of Commas, Spreader of Smiles, Disnerd
Joanna is usually flitting around hither and yon with a dash of whimsy and a healthy dollop of sarcasm in her hip pocket.
RosaViking, Gingerbread Builder Extraordinaire, Sweater Weather Enthusiast
Rosa spends much of her time baking silly gingerbread people and reading in her much-beloved fantasy books. She is a Ravenclaw, but secretly wishes she was a Hufflepuff.

Staff Hall of Fame

Many have kept the Good Ship IGGPPC afloat since its inception in 2013. Here we honour those who have come before us, that have helped, guided and donated so much heart and time to the club

EmmaOG Overlord, That Cupcake Girl, Dinosaur Queen and Illustrator of Things
Emma juggles illustrating with a job in finance and baking up a storm whenever she has a free moment.
ArielleSciency One, Tea Aficionado, Total Texan, Queen of the Jeeps
Arielle, aka Toasty, is a mad scientist who, when not wearing her lab coat, can be seen putting her scientific background to use, dabbling in baking, cooking, and canning.
Kimberlee Hello Kitty’s Bestie, Bookworm, Coffee Addict
Kimberlee is a bibliophile, shoe-oholic, planner addict, and lover of all things small and cute and fluffy.
ValerieDragon, Spockling, Nintendo Queen
Raised in the wilds of Indianapolis by Nintendo & Legos, Valerie turned out mostly okay, except for a strange dependency on books, music, tea, movies, & her electronic devices.
KaraBuffalo, Nerd, Swap Master K
Kara (pronunciation: KAR-uh) has been lurking around IGGPPC since Round 1, because she feels at home in this lovely community of friends who are passionate about snail mail, creative pursuits, and interests that tend towards being off the beaten path.
MichelleSwaps Coordinator
Michelle loves to spend her time at comic conventions and obsesses over space themed everything. She’s a new runner (hopes to one day complete a Disney Run) and a big planner nerd.
JenniferYouTube Coordinator
Maker of Films, Writer of Stories, Crafter, Jellicle Cat, YouTube Guru. Jenny is a creative storyteller. She’s in love with the culture and creative space of YouTube