If you are stuck for ideas of what to write, our community is always willing to help. Tweet #IGGPPC to ask for suggestions. Tell your pal about your job, your house, your pets, your significant other, your favourite band, or your Top 5 Geek Loves.

Better yet, why not add a little Doctor Who decoupage, throw on some Pokemon stickers, or do a little Star Wars doodle?

Or even better than that send some local candy, because candy! The list of things you could do is endless! Have fun with it and create something wondrous! Here are some more ideas.

  • A local recipe
  • Hello Kitty earrings
  • A coaster from your favourite pub
  • Pokemon cards
  • Some delicious local candy
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • A business card from your favourite local shop
  • Swag from your favourite geek love
  • Photos of local historic landmarks
  • Lisa Frank Stickers
  • A postcard from your hometown
  • Sanrio stationery
  • Art or drawings of your favourite geek love
  • A Harry Potter keychain
  • Photos of your cat
  • Local currency/coins (something small but neat-o)