The tornado that has taken me from Kansas and into this strange new land was a super whirly twirly ride of fun. And I, Dorothy Stew, am very excited to be landed here in the wonderful land of Oz. I have met a few strange characters… a crazy brained girl name Farquharson with a mind like a calculator adorned in beautiful jewelry… a lovely red headed doll name Sparkles who is always sporting a needle, thread, and smile, and a strange Em creature who sometimes wears a unicorn head and runs around screaming “DINOSAUR PARTY!” They are a fun group of comrades who have agreed to escort me and Couscous to the Emerald City. Here are some of the amazing things we did along our journey!



We made fun introductory videos of ourselves so you can meet the team!


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Thanks for joining us on our travels on the yellow brick road. We’re so glad you’re along for the ride! Remember, if you see any wicked witches and they have really cute shoes, it’s okay to drop houses on them. Also, those little people are called Munchkins, and be nice to them because some of them have candy! And finally, keep the flow of awesome enthusiasm, suggestions and general merriment going because you guys are the reason that this journey has been so merry. xo