Yo-kai Watch 2 is a 3DS JRPG, that is known in Japan as being the new torch bearer for the monster collecting games. It has a collectible toy line, several games in Japan, and an anime that are all very popular overseas.  In less than one year after the first game’s release comes Yo-kai Watch 2, which is the game that broke through Pokemon’s popularity in Japan. Yo-kai Watch 2 offers some much-improved features to the series and does nothing but build upon all the fantastic features the first game had! The game comes in two versions that have some different quests, story elements, and Yo-kai; these versions are named Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits.

First off, Yo-kai Watch is developed by Level 5 games instead of Nintendo, but is being licensed to help with the US release under its name. Yo-kai in Japan is only on 3DS and Wii U consoles and plans to stay that way. Yo-kai are creatures that cause real world problems and can be completely malicious or innocent. The game plays the same as the first one and reuses Springdale as its starting location. This game focuses on giving more lore to the Yo-kai watch itself and adding more locations and Yo-kai to the world. The music, battle system and art are pretty much the same (with a few new soultimate mini-games and updates where needed) and it all still blends together amazingly!

Need to know what a Yo-kai is, check out our review of the game that started it all!

The Train Fiasco (slight spoilers)


Source: Official Yo-Kai Watch 2 trailer

As I’m sure most people have heard, you have to ride trains in Yo-kai Watch 2 and that cost it a lot of points with other reviewers. Honestly though, you only have to ride a train to the destination once and find a Mirapo ( a teleportation Yo-kai) and you no longer have the “train issue.” The trains were put in to simulate Japanese travel and while it may not be the most exciting part of the game it does a pretty good job at making the locations and world feel expansive. On top of that, you can have events happen while riding the train that give you additional dialogue, rare items, or even the chance to get some new Yo-kai medals.

As for getting Mirapo the first time you ride the train to get to Harrisville where your grandma lives, one of the first things you do is help Mirapo out to get his medal. From there, they are rather easy to find and several have the same location in Springdale as the first game.  The transportation is a quick cut-scene when using them and there are no long loading times. Honestly, it was worrisome with the first train ride, but with them handing you Mirapo first thing afterward, I don’t believe it should discredit the game at all especially since there are train only bits and you have an option of going to a destination once to just warp there from then on. Also, it’s a really cool detail from an artistic standpoint to add in train travel as it’s actually used in Japan.



Source: Official Yo-Kai Watch 2 trailer

Yo-kai Watch 2 takes upon the small details in the first Yo-kai Watch, like the rain coat you wear during inclement weather, and adds on to them. A lot of little things are always going on in the background to breathe life into the world. Like for an example, there are actual summoning lines at some points in the game. The map is also over 3 times its size in the first game, with train travel between multiple towns, as well as past versions of several areas in the game. On top of that you can now choose different Yo-kai to follow you around throughout town, although you will greatly displease Whisper by doing so.

Some of the Yo-kai specific improvements are as follows:

  • Over 100 New Yo-kai
  • New Fusions
  • New Soulmates 
  • New ways to level
  • Easier taming rate
  • Friending previous Yo-kai Watch bosses
  • Battle,trade, and Yo-kai Blasters Mini-game
  • Yo-Kai Watch Type Zero 

Yes, it is way easier to get medals, which for anyone who played the original you’re probably rejoicing! Yo-kai Watch still doesn’t completely throw medals at you, but it’s quite normal to get them using likable food now. Also, the fact that you can now friend bosses from the first game is a greatly appreciated feature. We’d have to trite an additional article just to get the full details of the improvements in, trust us though, it’s quite amazing!



Source: Official Yo-Kai Watch 2 trailer

The Yo-kai Watch 2 story is all about the creation of the first Yo-kai watch and getting to know your grandpa. The story has a few different paths depending on game versions and if you choose to use Katie or Nate as your playable character. Jibnyan also gets a huge spotlight in this game and his role is equal to that of Whisper now.  The story is still hugely comedy focused at times and is generally refreshing. The voice acting for all the characters is done perfectly and more spoken dialogue has now been added into the game. There is also a clear plot going on throughout everything  and the game has original content from the anime series making it refreshing for fans of both.

This isn’t to say though that Yo-kai Watch doesn’t have any deeper parts to it however. The story is light-hearted but will pull at your heartstrings from time to time.  There are also several quests you will have to complete to progress the main story, like updating your watch to higher ranks. Overall, it flows much smoother and has much more content due to the first game greatly benefiting the series with a backstory and pulling the current timeline ahead in an amazing mix of comedy, sadness, and light-hearted fun.


Yo-kai Watch 2 is far superior to the first one. It’s one of the few sequels that just completely takes its predecessor and adds in everything you could hope for. Quests are easier to find, the new yo-kai are amazing, and the huge amount of new map to explore just sweetens everything about this game. If you can get past riding the train, which really isn’t that bad considering I got a Shmoopie from it, you will have one of the best times you can have with a game this year. Yo-kai Watch 2 is the masterpiece Japan claimed it is and I’m more than happy to welcome it to Western markets. If you have the cash, pick up a copy today and help us get the rest of the games abroad as well!

Yo-kai Watch has been out for a bit in America, have you checked it out yet, how do you feel about it?