UK Iggles probably know about World Book Day, but other Iggles might not – I myself only found out recently that it’s celebrated in the UK and in Ireland pretty much exclusively. So here’s a little chance for you to get to know all about it, and yes, I’m telling the truth about the free books!

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World Book Day is held on the first Thursday in March, which makes it pretty much perfect for this month’s theme. It’s usually the case that children who attend primary school here are allowed to dress up as their favourite book character (and some of my cosplayer friends still do on this day). There are also a series of books released on this day, which either cost £1 or the book token that each child within school receives free upon the day.

This book token entitles you to ‘buy’ a book with it, and is received both in primary school and secondary school. Quite a few famous authors have written World Book Day slim books; including Derek Landy, Cressida Cowell and Rainbow Rowell. Multiple tokens can be used at one time so you don’t have to choose only one from the books if more than one catches your eye. The books are written for a variety of ages, and authors who write for a series of books tend to write extra snippets  – Derek Landy, with his, wrote an extra Skulduggery Pleasant story. Being the class bookworm, one of the greatest things on this day is that the people give you their tokens, and teachers tend to have extra tokens they give to those who want them.


There tend to be events throughout the day, including (at least this year) book excerpts being read and events in the school library. It’s a day of learning, of reading, and for the joy of books. There are also competitions and extras on the official site that runs throughout the rest of this month, so go check that out!

If you want to grab some of these books before the tokens run out, should you be of school age, or even if you want to get however many books you like for £1 each, the books are available until March 27th this year.

For bookworms like us, it’s one of the best days of the year!


All images are from World Book Day.