With the new Wonder Woman movie coming out, I decided it would be the best time to do a Wonder Woman inspired look! I encourage you to see it opening weekend; it is directed by a woman and needs our support to show that we want more movies that are helmed by women, so get your tickets now! The film premiers June 2nd. Anyway, I’ll hop down off my soap box and get started on this tutorial. Let’s begin!

Start out with normal foundation and such. I did highlighting and contouring because I thought it fit with the overall look.

Start off with a dark blue eyeshadow. I used all matte shades just because I knew I would be using a lip pencil later on, and there is almost no way to make that anything other than matte. Using the dark blue, I created a nice wing so I would get that general shape on the eye.

Next use a lighter blue blending into the darker blue to begin the transition toward red.

Next take either a lip pencil or a lipstick (or you know, like a normal person, use eyeshadow) and apply it right next to the blue on the lid as a base for the brighter red. Make sure to leave room in the inner corner; we want to see that next color! After applying the red to the center of the lid, I used a pink lip pencil to set it and fill in any missed spots. Blending red into the blue will make purple, but there’s almost nothing to do about that so don’t worry too much about it.

After that we get to use gold! I found my new go-to gold shadow while doing this look and it is so great. Take your fave gold shadow and apply it to the inner corner, making sure to blend it well into the red.

As a final pop of color, I took the lighter blue and applied that on the lower lash line.

Now apply eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man. Speaking of sharp, fun fact: Wonder Woman can only be subdued by a man.

Don’t forget to apply mascara. And that’s it! Have fun with this look, and leave any questions or comments below. What character would you like to see next?