We have played the games and read the books.

We have fallen in love with the dark fairy tale, the land of the Witcher series, and have supported it into being game of the year for its third installment. We have taken off work and updated our computers and consoles to play through the huge jumps between each game. We have experienced a story made by a small team who love their fans and didn’t know how far they could go with a book series most countries had never heard of, but passion played out and now we have the final chapter of Geralt’s journey in the dark world of the Witcher series.

Toussaint is a land of fairy tales, where brave knights defeat monsters for their maidens and the citizens are drunk and cheerful.  The land is lush with greenery and work is plentiful. Geralt, however, is not very enthused with the perfect facade going on around him. Welcome to his final great Witcher contract where you must find the imperfections hidden among an empire of love and wine. The DLC gives you an easy extra 30 plus hours of gameplay and contains a whole new content about the size of Velen. It is densely populated and full of people, quests, and contracts for you to find and fulfill. It’s a dukedom with its own customs, monsters, and storyline for you to dive into.

The Story

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Screenshot from official trailer.

Geralt follows a notice he finds in Velen to a village in which two knights from Toussaint are staying. They have been searching for him to investigate a beast who has been taking out nobles in their homeland and ask him to come with them. After agreeing to go you are escorted on horseback to Toussaint and encounter a knight who is fighting a giant to please the woman he loves as is custom in Toussaint. Geralt intervenes and you quickly learn that he is very tongue in cheek towards his words with the knights as he believes Toussaint to be way too Storybook-like with their customs. After getting back on your way you discover there has been another attack and go investigate the area it happened in, eventually leading you on a trail to fight a type of vampire. You soon afterwords meet the Duchess of the land and learn that not all knights are what they seem and there is a motive behind the attacks. The story will take you into making decisions reflecting who truly deserves Geralt’s wrath and who should be set free.

There are also a ton of secondary quests that will go into the lore of Toussaint quite a bit. Each quest feels very well thought out and the characters surrounding them are as lively as ever. The contracts are also somewhat challenging and the level you need to be to take some on will be around 45. Be prepared to do some side quests for leveling if you start at the recommended level of 35 because the quests won’t go easy on you just because you’re new here. There is also a rather interesting new feature you acquire from the duchess that gives Geralt a homestead that you can pay to improve and furnish.

Give me the Numbers

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Screenshot from official trailer.

What exactly is included in this expansion? Well the answer to this may take a bit so please refer to the list below to see if you want to spring for the 20$ USD for it or not. I can tell you before you look down that you’re going to love this though. This is by far one of the most expansive add-ons I have seen for a game like this. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but most importantly, your wallet will salute you on your spending choices.

  • Max level increased to 100.
  • 14,000 New lines of dialogue.
  • 100 Individual pieces of Armour.
  • 30 New weapons.
  • 20 New monsters.
  • 90 New Quests.
  • 40 New Points of interest.
  • 12 New mutations.
  • Plus new dye mechanics, POI system, and User Interface.

Is that not an impressive number of things for just a 20$ expansion or what? Also add in all the new notes and lore you can find and I think this is a pretty safe investment for your gaming pleasure!

How Does it make you feel?

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Screenshot from official trailer.

I feel very good about this DLC. CD Projekt RED poured their heart and soul into every bit of Toussaint. You can really feel how much passion is in each quest and character in the region. The art design in the landscape is breathtaking and the music is sweetly bitter. I have put about 5 hours in so far and I feel like I’m on a roller coaster of twists and emotions as Geralt dives into his feelings towards being a Witcher and making his own decisions towards the monsters he was sworn to slay. Everything about this screams “We love the people who bought our game, we love the book series that inspired us, we love making worlds for you.” I love the feeling of adventure in this complex world and I’m ready to get through this so Geralt can pursue a happier life – like you see at the end credits of Wild Hunt.

How do you feel about the last Witcher contracts? Do you love or hate Blood and Wine? Let us know in the comments below!