*SPOILER ALERT FOR THIS ARTICLE* Due to the nature of Jon Snow’s supposed role in the book and the show, this post will be ridden with spoilers for the book as well as my speculations and theories for future books and seasons!

Hey guys! How is everyone handling hiatus? I myself am re-reading A Dance With Dragons and strongly considering ordering yet another t-shirt from these amazing GoT podcasts, but an alarming number of people are filling their time by apparently stalking Kit Harrington. I’ll admit, I check #KitHarringtonHairWatch on twitter, but people are going next level! You may be wondering, “why are people bothering this poor man?” and that is because his character Jon Snow died at the end of this past season and no one (myself included) believes that he is gone for good. So, here is my guide to what the heck is up with our favorite crow.


image source: gameofthrones.wikia.com #NotDead

First, let’s recap: Jon Snow is not dead. Well, everyone who actually works on the show has been saying he’s not only dead, but “deader than dead”  and a recent photo of the Wall set shows what people are speculating to be Jon’s funeral (this theory is really grasping at straws though) but… I don’t think so. So, let’s go with the assumption he’s NOT dead, and think about how they can bring him back. Based on my count, in the show there are four established ways someone could come back from the dead, and three of them are at the Wall! The options are: Qyburn’s  creepy science (meaning whatever he did to The Mountain), A Red priest or priestess, the White Walkers, and warging. All but Qyburn are by Jon Snow up at The Wall, so based on math alone the odds are definitely in his favor to get resurrected.

His options are in order of likelihood:

1) Mellisandre. She has the ability to raise the dead, and has conveniently just arrived at The Wall. We also know from the books that when she looks into the fire, she often sees Jon instead of Stannis, and even in the show she has tried to seduce him to her will. Because she has abandoned Stannis, I think that she is now going after Jon as the future ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

2) The White Walkers. I think this would actually be super cool. We know that they have the ability to create wights from dead bodies, which are mindless soldiers, but since Jon is a) potentially a secret Targaryen with dragon blood and b) has a history of killing those guys with his dragon-steel sword, I think it is entirely possible that if they tried to convert him that he would retain some agency of his mind and body and turn into a super-wight/human …thing.

3) He could warg with Ghost. The Stark children all have some ability to connect their minds to their direwolves. Bran is the most adapt at this, but Jon could as well. This is the least likely because out of these three options the show has laid the least groundwork for this.

So, now having established all the plausible ways Jon could come back, what about that actor guy who would have to be employed to do so? Well, this is where the stalking comes in. Kit Harrington has been seen in Belfast basically all summer. What’s more, it seems like he hasn’t cut his hair! It’s been widely circulated that Kit is under contract to not cut his hair while he is a cast member on GoT. Last time pics surfaced, his hair was definitely still Lord Commander length.

If all this ends up becoming true and Jon Snow does come back, I think that it would be far easier for Kit to have just cut his hair and then done extensions for a season. It would certainly have stopped these crazy people with cameras from following him around the whole dang summer. Sheesh.

What do you think? Has your watch ended, or are you following the Kit Harrington hair news too?