Hello there!  I’m Jenny and I am a YouTuber. That sounded a bit like a confession but it is a strange thing to find yourself becoming if you are as introverted a person as I am. When I say I’m a ‘YouTuber’ what I mean is, I upload videos I make (some staring myself) to YouTube.  I communicate with other YouTubers by subscribing, commenting, and collaborating; and I am an active participant in the community. Most of the time, being a YouTuber means time spent alone in my room talking to a camera and then editing that footage for sometimes hours. It’s a strange hobby, but a rewarding one. I’ve made more friends online through YouTube in my first year than my entire time in any other online community. A stronger connection may be made when you are actually seeing a person speak directly to you, their audience; more so than on a blog or message board.

Don't Forget screenshotMy current channel is called MagicCatJenny and it’s a little over a year old.  However, I have been vlogging (video blogging, more on that another time) for around three years. I like to keep my channel pretty open-ended with the content because I like trying new things. It’s actually best to stick to a genera if you are trying to get big, but I enjoy the freedom of treating my channel as a video journal and a platform for open expression.  YouTube for me is a space for making friends, sharing art and what’s on my mind, and participating in conversations. It’s been debated if the term YouTuber can also be applied to the viewers who don’t produce content. Regardless, if you don’t make videos but enjoy watching and subscribing then you are a very important part of the community. The simple act of commenting on a video you like means a tremendous amount to the creators and helps the interaction that YouTube is known for.

LOLCatsIf I’ve convinced you to get out your camera and give this whole ‘YouTuber’ thing a try, where do you start? What kind of videos should you make? The best advice I can give you is make videos that you’d like to watch. I like making funny sketches, short films, vlogs, music videos, web shows, and anything I can think of. If you are new to YouTube and are looking to start a channel, let me know! I can help you out and answer questions since my day job is YouTube related. ;D YouTube is a bit intimidating at first but it can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. If you already post videos to YouTube, let me know your username! Maybe we can collaborate. Also, who do you watch? What are your favorite channels? Before I go, I urge you to go check out and subscribe to Stewie Farquharsoniggppcvloggers for some awesome YouTube/IGGPPC content!

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Jennifer Sargent