Goodbye Ning, and helloooo WordPress. We’ve got a new look and a new place!

As I’ve said before, geek girls across the globe demanded a space to chat, network, post funny pictures of cats, and generally spread cheer, so here it is! This is the official community for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club (and our new website) and you’re officially invited to be a part of the fun.

Be sure to scout our forums for all kinds of fun topics! Or if you’re looking for something a little different, you can always get involved in some cool IGGPPC Activities!

Why not introduce yourself in your House Hall? The Houses are divided as follows:

The Basic Site Rules

We’ve got a few simple community rules we hope you’ll all abide by while roaming the halls of the IGGPPC.

  1. First of all, this is a positive, supportive, fun and loving community. A healthy debate is a wonderful thing to be a part of but if you are going to put someone else down, start fights for no reason, or be negative in any way, take it elsewhere!
  2. Boys: You’re welcome to play, but be gentlemen.
  3. We’ve got 13 year olds roaming the halls, so keep it PG-13. Cursing is okay, hey it’s a free planet! But be aware that there are younger Geek Girls here. If you want to have an adult discussion, you can do so in your House Hall, as Houses are separated by age.
  4. Watch what photos you post! Let’s keep it proper and not be posting our privates or photos of us drinking all over town. Stay classy, geek girls!
  5. If you’re racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise a bigot, stay away.
  6. Some of our community may be gay, and some are trans-gendered. Let’s be respectful of all girls and boys, whatever their gender identification or sexual orientation.

Whew, hopefully we didn’t scare you away with our big scary list of rules!

The New Staffers

Another fantastic announcement from our community – we have hired 3 new staff members, also lovingly called Ninjas: Kimberlee, Valerie, and Summer! They, along with Arielle, will be our acting Ninjas and helping moderate the forums and put on fun activities for everyone.

What about Pen Pals?

Oh, and it wouldn’t be the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club without talk of Pen Pals! So… in 4 days, we’ll be opening our grand 10th round of Pen Pal pairings! So stay tuned and on January 15th, you can Get a Pen Pal.

Til next time… may the odds be ever in your favor, so say we all, and may the force be with you.