Season 1 of Gotham was a little all over the place. Season 2 really came into its own using the development of classic Gotham villains to push the story. The villains played such a huge role, in fact, that the first part of the season was titled “Rise of the Villains,” and after the winter break it became “Wrath of the Villains.” Season 3 is now titled Mad City.

Mad City is a Wonderland

Jervis Tetch or the Mad Hatter of Gotham?

Ostensibly, “Mad City” was referring to the many strange and twisted creatures (formerly people) that escaped from Indian Hill.  However, just a few episodes in and we are introduced to Jervis Tetch as he searches for his sister, Alice.  Mad City has now taken us into a twisted Wonderland in which Alice is dead (though her blood is still playing a role). And Jervis, as the Mad Hatter, will be creating some nasty adventures to extract his revenge.

I’m extremely intrigued by this focus and would love to see it play out over the first half of the season, but only if it’s done well.  Alice in Wonderland is an absolute favorite of mine and there have been some brilliant adaptations, some more twisted than others (I highly recommend reading Alice by Christina Henry, but note that this inspired tale is not for the faint of heart).

Don’t Forget Penguin

All of this Wonderland inspiration takes place alongside several other storylines. The Court of Owls has made some appearances (which gets me excited every time). Edward Nygma and Oswold Cobblepot have established a wonderful friendship, at the expense of poor Butch. Luckily, Butch still has Tabitha it seems. Jim Gordon’s love life is also a bit of a focus with Jamie Chung playing Valerie Vale (will she have a daughter named Vicky?) and Lee Thompkins engaged to Falcone’s son.

Poison Ivy?

The older Ivy from Gotham

And then there’s Ivy. Prior to the start of the season, we knew that Ivy would be aged up and reaction was mixed. I can’t say I’m entirely happy with how it’s played out on screen so far either. That said, we are starting to see an Ivy a bit more in line with the comics, I just wish some of her other attributes were also played up (do we have to focus on her sensuality?).

Additionally, I’m not entirely pleased with the “older” Ivy’s first reaction to Selena.  That may also be because I love Selena so much. She may be my favorite part of the show. Although crazy/sane Barbara is a very close second. Her exclamations are so much fun.

How are you liking Mad City so far? What do you want more of? Less of?