There are very few app games you will see me pick up, but every once in a while one comes along that completely charms me. Neko Atsume comes straight from Japan and is a cute little game about some of the best critters ever. It is free to download from both the android and apple stores and the app is packed to the brim with cute cats. I have spent the past few days mastering the art of kitty collecting and am here to inform you why you should join in on the fun!

Cats are everywhere!


The Catbook displaying the cats that visited.

As I type this my precious little friend, Pickles, is staring into a fish bowl I recently put out in my garden. You may be wondering why I’m sitting here playing a game about cat collecting when I can just go out and adopt a cat. This game was based on Japan where a lot of people live in smaller houses and apartments and can’t keep a lot of pets. Cats in Japan are a huge pop culture sensation to the point where the Japanese literally let an island, Aoshima Island, be overrun by cats and is known as ‘Cat Island’. So the point of this game is to fulfill being able to enjoy all the cute of a cat without, well, a real cat. You also have to admit it’s pretty great to just watch them be cute anywhere you go!

The game mechanics are fairly simple. You make purchases with fish that the kitties bring you as a thank you for letting them play and chow down in your garden. There are two types of fish you can get; silver and gold. The silver fish can buy more basic kitty toys and food, while the gold buys premium items that can attract rarer cats. Different items that you buy will attract different cats to your garden for you to watch and take cute pictures of. There are 49 cats that you can attract and document in the in-game’s Catbook. Watch out though, because you have to wait in real-time for kitties to visit and if you miss a kitty’s visit it will only document as a name and a shadow instead of the picture of the kitty!



My Kitties doing their kitty thing!

-Neko Atsume is really great at walking you through everything with a quick simple tutorial activated after you load the app!

-The app downloads in seconds for most phones!

-Fish are easy to get; it just takes patience and even if you are in a hurry you can purchase some fish in a cheap transaction!

-Gold and silver fish can be swapped for one another when you meet the total required in the store!

-It’s a fun app to check in on during the day!

-It has an automatic twitter button when you take pictures of the cats so you and your friends can compare cats at your leisure!


*Quick tip: If you have the common problem of not getting your first kitty in the tutorial, just re-download and count to 10 before re-opening after it prompts you to!

So what if you’re already hooked like the rest of us? 

Well, then I can hook you up with some merchandise to help out with the times at work or school when you can’t check in on your kitties! Tokyo Otaku Mode is a trusted Japanese store that can ship you some adorable merchandise for a great price and it’s worldwide accessible! They currently have several items to choose from like plushies, mugs, and stickers you can use for your next pen pal! They also have a link to give you $5 off your first order of $30 or more and their shipping is amazingly affordable.


Etsy is also a great place to look for great merchandise. One of my favorite items so far are these adorable made to order pillows.


Let me know who your favorite cat is in the comments and be sure to share your cute pictures with us on twitter!