One of my main worries when starting off with this was learning everyone’s names. I am horrible with learning people’s names. There were people in clubs I was in last year that I didn’t learn their names until almost the end of the year. So I’ve been working on learning all the girls in the cast’s names. Every time I see one of them out and about on campus, I try to call them by their names, and ask them to correct me if I’m wrong. It also helped that I got to add all the girls on Facebook and put them in our cast group so that we can quickly and easily communicate with them. Seeing them on my news feed is helping me to remember them all.


This week has been absolute torture for me. After we finished auditions last weekend, I got to look at the cast list and see what monologue everyone was in! The problem with that was that I couldn’t tell anyone what they had got- it is always a surprise at the first rehearsal. It’s a really special moment for a lot of these girls, to find out what10690173_10203883632025643_8158430818774271562_n monologues they will be in. Everyone auditions with one in mind, and one that resonates particularly strongly with them, and there’s a huge amount of excitement involved in finding out what you got. I would never want to take that away from them, but at the same time, I knew some really exciting casting things (because I knew so many of the girls before auditions) and I wanted to share it with everyone. It was almost worse knowing than not knowing at all. It was worth it to wait and see everyone’s reactions was totally worth it. Everyone was so excited and so happy, and I can’t wait to hear them all start to read their monologues and grow into their characters. There were a few girls who couldn’t make it to rehearsal on Sunday, so they don’t know what they’re in just yet, because we want them to get to have that moment just like everyone else, but as soon as they come to rehearsal, they’ll get to know what they’ll be in as well.

This week, as organizers and directors, we’re starting to work on our fundraising events for the year. We’re planning on having a dance-a-thon and a poetry slam, as well as going up to the College Lodge for the night later in the semester for some bonding. We’re in the preliminary planning stages of all of these where we’re working on getting dates and rooms reserved so that we can get people to take part in our events so we can raise more money and awareness!