Happy end of May/Early June, Iggles! If you are a fan of Sailor Moon or one of the many Magical Boy/Girl series out there, I promise you’re going to love this month’s webcomic spotlight! I have a Science Fiction one in the works soon, so fear not! Up in my neck of the woods, it’s near summer time, and even though I didn’t grow up a fan of Sailor Moon or much of the genre, I always feel summer is the best season it.

But if you follow anime at all this year, you’ll notice that there’s a fair number of magical series popping in and out of Hulu and Crunchyroll. The genre’s always been around, but it’s bitten the webcomic community pretty hard!

What makes it better is how the creators have their own special spin on the genre, and the characters are more diverse & engaging than the ones on TV. My favorite bit is that most of the creators really show a love of the genre and its quirks.

Since this is a huge, huge, HUGE genre when you dip into webcomics, I’m going to point you in the direction of ones I’ve enjoyed so far and are fairly new this year. These are all ongoing, long form comics that are updated at least once a week for your reading pleasure.

Mahou Shounen Fight! – by Scuttlebutt Ink

RATING: Teen/13+  (Language, Cross-dressing)


IF YOU LIKE: magical boys, Power Rangers, Captain Planet and boys with magical abilities.

MAHOU SHOUNEN FIGHT! tells the story of Mike Smith, your average comic-loving guy who wants to be an accountant and have 2.5 kids out of life. Unfortunately for him, he’s been chosen by a spirit that embodies the elements of summer to help protect the earth along with three other students from his school. Reluctantly, he joins these classmates in the Environmental Club to find that their initial idea of protecting the earth is literally protecting the earth – by picking up litter and recycling.

As the story progresses, they discover that that’s not REALLY all that they are tasked to do. It comes to their attention through Teacup, a kitten they find, that it is their mission from the “Sky Momma” to keep the spirit world in balance.

Now before you ask, “Why Magical boys?” Well, why not magical boys? I think it’s a great twist on the genre that just changes it up a little bit. Although the storytelling is a bit slower paced, the authors’ take great advantage of this to help build the character relationships up and allow you to enjoy their interactions. This series is quite cute, and I’ve found it to be a very fun read so far. It’s 600+ pages to read, but don’t let that dissuade you! …I’m still working through it after a friend suggested it to me.


RATING: Teen/14+ (Language, Implied sexual situations, boys in skirts, light BL)

LINK: http://www.magicalhow.com

IF YOU LIKE: comedy, western-style cartoons, boys in skirts, Pretty Cure, Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! and pink.

How many weird talking baseballs with eyebrows have you met in your lifetime? None? Same here. MAGICAL HOW? opens up introducing us to Gabe, an impressionable sweetheart who is forlorn over a recent rejection. While being comforted by his roommate, Booker, they are interrupted by a portal in the middle of their apartment. Poor Book ends up getting smacked square in the face by a cigar-smoking fairy who calls themselves Hal.

Hal claims they overheard Gabe’s love troubles and offers to help him under one condition: Gabe becomes a “magical!” Upon receiving a bracelet, Gabe transforms, finding himself in a fluffy pink DRESS, ready to help protect the world and keep things in order.

Truth be told, MAGICAL HOW? is incredibly engaging. Eyugho wastes no time introducing the cast to their audience and establishing their motivation and plot. The art grabs your attention quickly with the clean clean line work and fantastic facial expressions that help move the story along.  Honestly, I’ve been spoiled by eyugho when it comes to the Magical Boy genre. I’ve seen her work on concepts for MAGICAL HOW? long before Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! came out. The one thing these two series have in common is that they both joke about the Magical genre with a lot of love, but Defense Club LOVE! felt disconnected and didn’t take it all the way. MAGICAL HOW? takes the joke and RUNS WITH IT. If you liked that anime series, be ready to fall in love with this comic! Gabe rocks a skirt like nobody’s business, so you’re really only just doing yourself a favor by checking this series out.




IF YOU LIKE: Magical girls, cute things, pink, and bunnies

Lia is your typical high school girl. She studies hard for her classes, loves video games, music, and lots of really adorable things like the show “Astro Bunny.” So far it’s a bit of a coming of age story where Lia is trying to find her place in the world as she readies for graduating high school when a strange bunny-like creature falls from the sky. It goes on saying Lia has an open heart and is needed to help save the world by becoming Princess LovePon!

Even though PRINCESS LOVEPON just started, Shauna’s gone out of her way to make a mega-cute, mega-charming cast of characters. It’s sweet and fluffy so far, and makes me think of cotton candy with her pink tones. I look forward to its development as a story so far, as she’s done a good job of establishing her important characters right away. I’m hoping it continues to be a sweet, cheery story with a lot of adventures.

If you’re looking for some fun reads this month, be sure to check these titles out as they update weekly. The stories are as diverse and as fun as the characters written into them. They’re all worth checking out, and if you find a comic you like and want me to check out, leave a comment or get a hold of me through twitter!

And by the way, if there are any iggles out there headed to OTAKON this July in Baltimore, be sure to check out the Artist Alley! I will be there promoting my own comic and a few others, as well as can direct you to some other amazingly talented webcomic artists who will be there as well! Be sure to stop on by and say hello!