Hey there, everyone! Sorry for my tardiness, but good golly, it’s been a heck of a busy month! Travels, Otakon and just the summer in general keeps all of us preoccupied, so better late than never, right?

Due to the massive amount of craziness and just being at Otakon this month, I left feeling totally wiped out. Often on days like that, I’ll opt out of my preferred long-form comics and hop to gag-a-days. Their charm is pretty basic- they’re the new form of the daily funnies you find in the newspaper, and what’s even better is that you can refresh your memory by just clicking through the archives. If you ask me, that’s way, way better than trying to dig up old newspapers to find a strip I liked, or if they don’t even have a book out. So below are only two, but two I hope you find worth reading!

GAMERCAT – by Samantha Whitten

Rating: PG (Mild language)

Links: http://thegamercat.com

If you like:  Sanrio/Hello Kitty/Chococat, video games, gaming culture, adorable things.

If you float around Tumblr or other parts of the internet, you have probably seen GaMERCat and didn’t realize that it was an actual webcomic! The premise of this comic is pretty simple, GaMERCaT is about a cat that plays video games and the friends he makes along the way. It’s simple and episodic, so each installment is well-contained and can be picked up at just about any point in the series.

This is an adorable series in my book, especially as Whitten takes the time write about the quirks of video games, and even some of the misconceptions. My favorite parts of this comic are not only the times the cast dresses up, but also the animation that’s peppered through the strips. It’s great because it’s not done very often, so it doesn’t become annoying. If you’re into games and looking for a break or something cute to check out, GaMERCaT is definitely it.

WARRIOR U – by Aisha Thani

Rating: PG

Links: http://warrior-u.com

If you like: Fantasy, Silliness, non-sequitur, unicorns, finished series, and friendship

Do you like your quick silliness with a bit of medieval on the side? Then even though this comic is FINISHED, I recommend checking out Warrior U by Aisha Thani. The series focuses on two boys: a rich blonde kid named Finn, and his unwilling peasant friend, Harv. What happens essentially are gags sprinkled throughout the comic about the contrast of their day-to-day lives, school, families, and the pink and white unicorn out to kill Finn.

Overall the comic is a fun read, and I’m kinda sad that it’s over. I really was looking forward to new pages since the art is so much fun and the humor was right up my alley for irreverence. The relationship between Finn and Harv is incredibly charming. You can’t help but love how Harv, despite not wanting to be friends at first, slowly comes around to really care about Finn as his friend. I think one of the first panels describes them the best when Finn exclaims “I want to be a bard!” It’s quirky in an Adult Swim kind of way and something you might enjoy.

That is it for now, everyone! I’m currently compiling next month’s theme that I hope you’ll enjoy! Thankfully this month is wrapping up, and here’s hoping it’ll be full of comic goodness for you all.

If you’ve started reading any of the comics I’ve mentioned in the past, let me know and we can talk about them! Let me know in the comments, or get me on Twitter. Until then, I’ll be working away on my own comic and seeing what’s hidden out for all of you to check out! Take care, iggles!