Hey Iggle Gals and Guys! I hope the Summer has been kind to you, because hooboy, it’s been incredibly busy over here! Life, studio moving, and all sorts of things just keep popping up, so color me jealous of those, whose biggest thing happening now is going back to school.

School for me were the ones I would end up daydreaming and consequentially doodling while I’d be in class. Oh man, I sure do miss those days! So just as some folks are getting ready for, or are already back in school, I’ve got some comics here for you to help get your new year started off right!


Rating: Teen

Link: parallaxcomic.com/

If you like: Mystery Adventure, Superhero

Lomax Torchstone is your run of the mill student stuck in the pressure of trying to please his parents by majoring in science. He hasn’t thought too much further than that about himself and it shows. -It’s so obvious that his teacher, Dan Rogers notices. Before Lomax leaves school for the day, Mr. Rogers leaves him with a gift, and tells Lomax to contact him if anything should happen. What’s given to Lomax is something called a “Raiment” that gives its bearer immense powers and he has yet to figure out what it’s all about, let alone what’s in store for him.
Parallax is from what I can see easily relatable, the story is full of potential, and the art is gorgeously crafted and energetic. Although there isn’t much headway so far in the storyline, the two characters, Lomax and Dan Rogers, are likeable enough to make you follow along to see what’s going to happen to them. I’ve heard some people describe this as another spin on the Magical Girl/Boy genre with sci-fi, but time will tell.

BLINDSPRINGS – by  Kadi Fedoruk

Rating: PG

Link: http://www.blindsprings.com/

If you like: Fairy tales, Fantasy,  Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Tamaura with beautiful red hair, who lived in the forest. She tends to duties for these mysterious spirits to fulfill her side of a mysterious bargain she made to save her family. Life is routine for her until one day, she befriends a boy who managed to wander into her woods. He tells her he thinks that she is a girl from a fable, and they quickly become friends. As time progresses, they separate as he goes to pursue the path of being an Academic Mage. One night during something called “the great progress” Tamaura is kidnapped by him and taken into the real world.

Blindsprings has been on my reading list for quite some time, and after several Iggle requests, I’ve finally gotten around to reading it.  Although it’s not my cup of tea, the story is very clearly laid out and the artwork is beautifully illustrated, as though it was for a picture book! The biggest part for me, I think, is that I’m curious to the role of the spirits and their deal making. Part of me wants to know what they are up to, and another says that I would never want to make a deal with someone like them, because who knows what strings are attached!  I do definitely recommend the story for those into fantasy and adventure.  

Overall both these comics have something to offer if you’re into action or a fable/fantasy type story. I hope that some of you are able to sneak a few pages in, when you’re not all too swamped with homework. That’s it for this month, Iggles. Be sure to throw me a message on twitter, if you find a comic online, you think I should check out!