Dynamite Entertainment have announced that their new series ‘James Bond 007’ will be written by Warren Ellis, with art by Jason Masters. Ellis was quoted in the press release on his delight at getting to write “the original, damaged Bond of the books.”

Ellis certainly has experience writing spies, as the author of both ‘Red’, and ‘Global Frequency’. Dynamite’s Senior Editor was quick to point out, in an interview with Comic Book Resources, that Bond is not just another spy, and that legacy, combined with Ellis’ “genius storytelling” is sure to produce something special. He went on to describe artist Jason Masters, most recently seen on Marvel’s ‘Wolverines’ as “the perfect partner” for Ellis’ approach to Bond.

The story will be set in the present, but draw on Bond’s history in the novels, and the established character tropes. The first arc, entitled ‘VARGR’ launches in November, tying in with the release of ‘Spectre‘, Bond’s 24th cinema outing.

Bond fans should also look out for forthcoming graphic novelisations of the original Fleming stories, and a pre-Casino Royale origin story, as Dynamite makes the most of its 10-year licensing deal.

Via Comic Book Resources.