In the world of games, Indie has been a category of game that has intrigued everyone. The smaller time game developers have been given the freedom and resources to create worlds and stories that don’t necessarily have to be in accordance to what the majority want; this is left to the big time companies. This has given the smaller companies a lot more flexibility in what they can make their games about, and as time goes on, a lot of them have developed stories that can be based on true events, and their goal is to tell a story that they just want to be heard by even just one person. This War Of Mine is one such game.

This War Of Mine is inspired by the 1992-96 Siege of Sarajevo, which was during the Bosnian War. What this game does differently is that instead of following the story of those in combat, the soldiers and the front-line warfare, it follows stories of the civilians that had to live in the city while this was happening. 11 bit studios created this world in order to shed light on how difficult it was for the average person to fend for themselves while Snipers and corrupt military were roaming their city.

The aim of This War Of Mine is to survive. During the daytime, Snipers will shoot down anyone who is caught out in the open, and so the only venturing you can do is at night. By controlling your own group of civilians in this rundown house, you have to construct tools and home necessities like beds and a cooker, in order to survive properly. Along with this, food, water and medicine have to be found or else if one of your civilians gets injured or seriously ill, they will die.

What I find very moving in This War Of Mine is the psychological strain that was thought of when developing it. Civilians can die from so many things, but if you steal or kill innocent people, they can become depressed and even broken, where they break down for a number of days. It truly puts you in their shoes, seeing how one mistake can be the difference between life and death.

I have spent countless hours on This War Of Mine, and even when I think things are going so well, one slip up and the next few days could become lethal for the civilians I control. It is so addictive, and you find yourself rooting for them, protecting them as much as you can and feeling bad when you fail to save one from death.

Recently, This War Of Mine had an addition of The Little Ones. This changes an aspect of the game that makes the gameplay that much more intense. Children. You control a child in your home as well as adults, trying to make them feel happy and maybe make them toys if there are enough resources. It’s incredible how their happiness affects the adult civilians, and you find yourself prioritising this child over anyone else like one would in real life.

Overall, I find This War Of Mine to be one of the best games, Indie or not, I have played in these recent years. It’s survival, one of my favourite genres, and it creates this rural and rustic vibe that the city around you is truly destroyed. The emotions it brings out with every in game day is incredible, and the difference between days can vary so much that you have to always be wary of what is going on around your civilians and their home. I recommend this game to any survival fan, or any gamer who wants a challenge. It’s not easy I’ll say that much. I still haven’t survived to the end of the siege.

Have you played This War Of Mine? What did you think?