Hello Iggles. My name’s Meghan and the first Friday of every month I get to share my love of DC Comics with you (and Vertigo, a DC imprint, which means Sandman among others). I wanted to give you a very brief introduction to me and how I started reading comics. I dabbled here and there with different titles every once in a blue room, but I guess you could probably say that Buffy Season 8 was my gateway. Then I moved to The Guild titles and the Dr. Horrible stories. Soon after, DC launched the New 52. I know there are many debates, still going despite being in the 52-niverse for two years now, about the purpose and benefits. And some say it was a pointless idea because those who read comics are already reading and aren’t intimidated by 50+ years of continuity. I’d happily like to say that I am proof that the New 52 brought in new readers. I was one of those that wanted to start reading but was intimidated. And so, I’ve been faithfully reading several different DC books for two years now.

Of the DC titles, I regularly read Justice League, Justice League of America, Justice League Dark, Talon, and Batman. As things and events dictate, I will pick up other titles. I’ve started reading Batman-Superman, as well as Pandora. Then there are the Vertigo titles, namely The Wake and Sandman (who else is excited for the new books this fall?). I also tend to read an occasional Marvel book (who doesn’t love Hawkeye right now?), some IDW and Image titles (Robert Kirkman’s Thief of Thieves is fantastic!) and I focus on specific creators (Gail Simone and Ed Brubaker among others). I primarily read my books digitally, but do on occasion pick up the print titles (that’s a debate we can talk about more next month).

So that’s me. Now let’s talk about comics!

cover of The Wake

The Wake #3 was just released this Wednesday, July 31st. The Wake is a limited series written by Scott Snyder (Batman, Superman Unchained) and art by Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus). This series is another chance for Snyder to experiment with “speculative sci-fi, bigger plotting, and stripped down story-telling on the page.” The Wake is a haunting and horrifying examination of mysteries of the deep and even the origins of human history. If you haven’t picked up this series I highly recommend it. But then, my fascination with it may also be partly due to my background in marine biology and fascination with the ocean and its creatures.

The Wake Panel pageThe Wake will be 10 issues, and as such the pace is very quick. Issue #3 is no exception. There is so much happening, from a disaster on Mars billions of years ago, to the eerie and horrifying events with strange sea creatures on a deep sea oil rig now, to a quest 200 years later that kicked off the whole series. I end up reading each issue multiple times just to make sure I got everything. The strange creature that is really the center of the current mystery is able to emit a venom or toxin that makes its victims hallucinate – turning the creature into a trusted person (in most cases anyway). Scott and Sean use this to their advantage heightening the suspense. It’s difficult to tell what’s really happening and what’s just a figment of imagination because of the creature’s will.I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone that hasn’t picked up this series yet because it truly is worth reading, but it is safe to say the creature isn’t alone and more horrors are in store for marine biologist Dr. Lee Archer. And I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

I feel like I should also be talking about the art and the colors used because it definitely helps play into the overall feeling of dread and foreboding the story is creating. But that type of analysis doesn’t seem to come to me until my fifth reading or so, after I’ve truly been able to take in the whole story (art and words combined). So ask me more about that after this weekend.

Are you reading The Wake? What do you think?  Join me again next month as I discuss Superman Unchained.