Before we begin, I want to give a trigger warning for violence and sexual assault within the show. The show deals with the seedy underbelly of the world so proceed with caution if you find those sorts of things triggering.

I know I said I’d only discuss the pilot episode of a show, however, Veronica Mars needs a bit more context. The show originally aired from 2004-2007 and ended the same time as Gilmore Girls. But last year the show was resurrected via kickstarter to have a feature length film and two books that pick up where the film ends. The kickstarter raised $5.7 million and reached its initial funding goal of $2 million its first day spawning a series of other big budget campaigns from Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here to Spike Lee’s latest project.

Now that you know about the current buzz surrounding Veronica Mars, let’s discuss the show’s beginnings. Kristen Bell plays Veronica, a female Sherlock Holmes type character that solves mysteries by outsmarting her opponents. The crimes are everything from stolen nude photos to finding dognappers to solving murders in fictional Neptune, California. The series opens a year after the murder of Lily Kane, Veronica’s best friend. After Veronica’s father, Keith Mars accused Lily’s father (the wealthiest man in town) of murdering his daughter, the Mars family became the social pariahs in town. Keith lost his job as town sheriff and now works as a private eye and Veronica fell from popularity to disgraced underdog at Neptune High School.

Watching the show then, it seemed perfectly reasonable that a 16 year old would try and solve murder cases but now it seems a bit farfetched. Okay, completely farfetched but I love the show anyways. On a practical level, when did Veronica complete her homework assignments seeing as she was always skipping class to chase after bad guys?

As a teenager, Veronica had a hugely positive impact on me. It was the first time I remember seeing a strong yet flawed teenage character where her most praised attributes was her wit. Although she was the victim of circumstances beyond her control, she never played the victim in her life. She stood up for herself and did not accept disrespect from anyone. As a teenager, I realized I needed to stand up for myself more in my own life. It also really influenced my style of sarcasm. Veronica has so much sass and oozes sarcasm.

If you like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off , Sherlock Holmes and Gilmore Girls then you’ll love this show. I realize that’s an unusual combination but this is a very unique show. Veronica Mars is available to stream on Amazon prime and the second book, Mr. Kiss and Tell will be published Jan 20, 2015.