Vanity Fair always has some high profile stories, but they aren’t generally so firmly ensconced in the geek world. If you’ve never read Vanity Fair before, you may want to give the June issue a try.  Vanity Fair has gotten some exclusive news and tidbits from both J.J. Abrams (Director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Kathleen Kennedy (Lucasfilm president).  There are also gorgeous photos from Annie Leibovitz like this one of Gwendoline Christie as “The Chrometrooper,” officially named Captain Phasma, a member of of the First Order—the film’s version of the evil Empire.


I think the photos alone are worth picking up Vanity Fair, but I’m sure there will also be some choice tidbits in the articles (the online teasers confirmed that Adam Driver is playing bad guy Kylo Ren and that he’s the one swinging the three-pronged lightsaber show in the initial teaser).

The full issue is available May 7 digitally and May 12 on newsstands (or wherever magazines are sold).

via Vanity Fair