Spring has sprung! For most of us, the days are warmer and longer which means more sunlight for READING! This time of year always puts me in the mood for books, probably because I used to get books instead of easter eggs… yep, even as a nipper I was a little book worm. So here are some upcoming releases that are guaranteed to be as good as a Cadbury’s creme egg…


So we all know and love Sarah J. Maas, right? Right. And though we might all be wishing for the next installment of Throne of Glass (Queen Of Shadows, due for release in September) right now, at least we have this hunk of delicious fantasy to tide us over until then. Set in the Fae universe and vaguely based on the tale of Beauty and the Beast, this book promises to pack a sexy punch.


I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been in love with Victorian London for a while, even before Cassandra Clare set her Infernal Devices trilogy there. This book is apparently recommended for fans of The Night Circus and has a male protagonist, Jonathan, who is enlisted to help cure a disease with the help of a new chemical that gives shared hallucinations. I don’t like to judge a book by it’s cover, but look at that cover – it certainly ups the expectations for this Illusionarium.


If I can get just one person to read and love a Sarah Dessen book in my lifetime, I’ll be happy. I can’t explain how she does it, but needless to say, I’ve read a lot of YA books and nothing compares to hers. Funny, heart-warming, serious, silly, beautiful… All the feels people, all the feels. After a few abandoned novels, I was beginning to worry I might never see a twelfth (twelfth!) book from Dessen, but here it is, ready to be loved. Our protagonist, Sydney, has always been overshadowed by her golden boy older brother, Peyton, but when Peyton winds up in jail for drunk driving, Sydney’s role in the family is turned upside down. Cannot wait.


It’s been over four years since the release of Ready Player One and as the whole geek nation slowly fell in love with it, one question was continually asked;

When will Ernest Cline release another book?!

The answer is now my fellow geeks. A blend of Ender’s Game and Space Invaders, I can promise this is a must read for anyone with even the smallest geeky bone in their body.