Today I got very exciting mail, and as most IGGLES can attest to, we all love getting something in the mail that isn’t bills. So what better than books and tea? Seriously it’s like a monthly christmas gift to myself!

This month’s box was very beautifully packaged and put together by the people from Novel Tea Club. For a smaller company they are really getting the look and feel for their products down pat, but enough babble from me, let’s look at the lovely box.

Opening the box

This was the first look at the beautifully opened box. Before I even got to see the product I got an awesome description of all the products that would be included, and I have to admit I was more than pleased to find out that most of the products come from within Canada.


The first product I took out was the tea. This month we have a Lady Strathcona, which from the description included, states that it’s a rich Earl Grey blended with briar roses, blue cornflowers and scotch heather. It definitely sounds yummy so I can’t wait to try it.

Skin Care

Next we have some lovely bath fizzies for a relaxing evening in. What’s cool is that they are made without added fragrance or dye and the scent is from local (British Columbia) organic herbs. I think I may need to send my kids away somewhere one night so I can actually try this in a quiet house. (Yes, I know I’m dreaming.)


For a delectable treat we have dark chocolates with fruit flavoured centres. Seriously, the things people do with chocolate totally amazes me.

Apple Cider Drink

To round out the treats, and for the chill that we are currently having, we got some awesome Spiced Apple Drink. Yes, I am currently boiling water to try this. I love apple ciders and apple spice… heck apple-anything. So you can’t go wrong on a cold snowy evening with some Hot Apple Cider.

Immortal Muse by Stephen Leigh

To round out the box I finally got to the book. I have to admit I was totally shocked that it was this beautiful hard covered book this month. Upon reading the description of the novel, which in brief is a historical fantasy that follows the lives of two immortals, I decided I should start it right away. I love anything that’s done as ‘Alternate Historicals’, so this is totally right up my alley!

Final Box

All in all this was one beautifully put together box that shows the amount of care the creators have for the product they are sending. I love a company that cares about what it has and what the purchaser will think about it.

If you would like your own please check out Novel Tea Club! They were nice enough to give us a coupon code so if you are purchasing please use IGGLESREAD upon checkout.