It’s that time again!! We got a new box from Novel Tea that includes a HUGE book this month and a bunch of goodies that we just can’t wait to try!!

March’s Sci-Fi box from the Novel Tea Club was definitely a great one this month! It includes some awesome tea, a book and of course some great goodies for relaxing and just having a good time focusing on your book.


When I first opened up the box this is the lovely sight I saw… and of course all I could think of was “beeswax candle!” I love love love beeswax and so this it totally right up my ally for one of my favouite things in a box so far.


This lovely candle was made in Erin, Ontario (not too far from me which is even cooler). What’s really cool is that the company, Fairhaven Farms, actually houses the bees in house and the candles are made to order. Also they are all handmade (no factories or outsourcing here). I love that it’s such a delicate little flower; it would be great by the bath!!

On top of that, to quench our sweet tooth, is some Canadian-made Salt Water Taffy.


This is made by Charlie’s Chocolate Factory in Burnaby, British Columbia. They are so cute and in this little bag (packaged by the Novel Tea team) and a perfect addition to the night.


The tea this month is Rooibos Creme Carmel by an English tea company called Tea Pigs. (FYI look for the interview with Lindz to enter our giveaway for a three pack of tea by teapigs!). This caffeine-free tea is said to have chunks of caramel within it. I think their slogan as a skinny dessert may hold true!


This month’s book is a giant trilogy so what better way to save your pages (and it’s definitely needed in my house) than a beautiful bookmark. This is one of the only items made by a larger company (Indigo) but it’s still such a nice little addition.


The book this month is a huge trilogy by Julie E Czerneda. It focuses on a young doctor who studies the migration of fish when she is pulled into an interstellar research team who is studying a species that consumes worlds. It looks to be a race for time as to whether they can discover the truth behind the species in time to save the planet. I’m actually really interested in seeing where this book takes us… so I may have to move it up in my extensive reading list.


Finally, they also included a small box of Easter stickers as a cute little seasonal addition. This box was a really fun one and I’m so impressed with the size of the book and the size of the package of tea included! I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my moneys worth and then some.

I am thinking of trying the Young Adult edition of this box next month! I would love to hear if there is an edition you would like to know more about!

Image by Sylvanfire (Angie)

Find more about Novel Tea Club at their Website! And don’t forget to use our Coupon if you choose to order for 10% off for 3 months: IGGLESREAD