Another month of awesomeness is upon us, and I just recieved the Novel Tea Club’s April box! This month I decided to switch it up a little and get the YA box subscription. Let’s see what’s inside!


This month’s box looked delicious and fun from the minute I opened it…

IMG_20160503_132636413We start off with a White Tea by Designtea. As you can probably read from the bag, it’s a Champagne Cassis which includes a combination of White tea sprinkled with champagne flavour, currants, lemongrass, and sunflower blossoms. As usual, this tea is made in Vancouver BC with all natural, organic ingredients. Honestly I think it just sounds lovely so I may have to open it sooner than later.


Next we come across the snack! Who doesn’t want a Ferrero Rocher and Maple Nougat for a relaxing evening? Seriously, the sweet eaters will definitely be drooling over this one.


Included this month is an adorable tea infuser by Life Partner. Mr. Teapot is a cute little dude (mine was pink) that hangs off the side of your cup to hold your loose leaf tea as it steeps. He is eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-stick and dishwasher safe. Just what we all need in a tea life partner.


Included is also this little bar of Simply Soul Soap. This soap is handmade using organic, local ingredients in Virginia, USA. The soaps are blended with herbs and flower, with a cream goat milk base. As stated on the little info sheet, each bar is different, and a tiny surprise for your soul.


This beautiful bookmark made me so happy when I found it in the box. It is handcrafted and made with recycled materials. I think it’s a lovely way to save your page… especially if you are anything like me and have about 4 books on the go at any given time.


And finally we get to the book. Reckoning (A novel) by Kerry Wilkinson is stated to be about a 16 year old girl who must decide her place in society or die trying. The description is very understated and makes me think it may be a slight period piece (but then again it may not be). It is definitely about a young girl who, as all in her society do, takes a test at 16 which decides her place in society. She is chosen to be an Offering… which is stated to be a thing of prestige… but is it really? I think this could actually be a quite interesting story. I guess it’s part one of a trillogy… so be prepared to be hooked!


All in all, this box set seems to be quite fun and full of things a YA lover would definitely like… or maybe just me. Either way I have been very excited to be reviewing these.

So what do you think? Did you like the YA box as much as the Sci-Fi ones the previous month?