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People seem to have enjoyed the basic introduction to Steampunk that was posted here, and now I’m going to continue your early Steampunk education while getting more in-depth at the same time.

When I attended the Steampunk 101 at FanExpo 2014, I learned not only what the basic definition of Steampunk was, but I also learned that when it comes to costumes, there are many, many, MANY different options, and I’m not just talking about the different types of corsets that can be made or bought. Like the near infinite number of literary genres that are out there, there are multiple genres of Steampunk, not just in fiction but in fashion as well. But putting together a Steampunk costume isn’t just about the clothes that you piece together; it involves creating a character from scratch that you embody through both your clothes, your personality, and movements.

Recently I’ve likened to this concept more than I’ve enjoyed the idea of cosplay. Not to knock cosplay, because I’ve dressed up in cosplay at conventions for a number of years (and the occasional everyday cosplay when I’m headed off to class), but for somebody who can be a bit of a perfectionist I find that I’m never satisfied with the final product. With a Steampunk costume, you’re creating the character while you’re creating the outfit you put on, and there’s no pre-established idea that exists out in the world and on the internet that you’re trying to “get right” and you don’t need to sweat over every detail.

Curious yet about what types of characters are out there for you to create? These are just a few of the options that currently exist, and these genres of Steampunk costumes cover a wide range.

Steampunk Pirates

character1 character2

Steampunk Military

character3 character4

Steampunk Explorers

character5 character6

Steampunk Adventurers

character7 character8

Steampunk Inventors/Engineers

character9 character10

Steampunk Wild West


Steampunk Ladies

character12 character13

Steampunk Gentleman

character15 character24

Genre Bending

These are just a few of the ideas that give you options to create an original Steampunk character. I cannot stress this enough, do not feel bound to these genres! There are plenty of options out there. Me personally, the idea that I’ll be pursuing for my Steampunk costume, and feel free to use this if this kind of thing catches your interest, is a Steampunk herbalist. I haven’t finalized all of the details of my costume yet, but I’ve got a few and I’m sure I’ll largely be making it up as I go.

Also your idea doesn’t have to be a completely original one. There are plenty of examples of people using pre-existing characters or genres and giving them a Steampunk twist. Here are just a few examples of genre mixing.

Steampunk Doctor Who

character17 character16

Steampunk Marvel


Steampunk Disney

character20 character19

Steampunk Star Wars


Steampunk Legend of Zelda

character22 character25

Plenty of Options

Whether you want to add a Steampunk twist to one of your favorite characters or if you want to start from scratch and create your very own unique Steampunk persona, the sky is the limit! I recommend hitting up Google or whatever your preferred search engine might be to gather some more inspiration. I hope this post has helped you get the proverbial ball rolling if you’re thinking or foraying into the realm of Steampunk fashion and costuming like I am.

Have you ever come across any other great Steampunk characters at conventions or possibly in your everyday life? Comment and let me know 🙂