Two weeks ago Leslie and I had this mad idea to start a pen pal club for geek girls worldwide.

Two weeks and we have had three separate websites (first the registration form, then the tumblr and now here, at IGGPPC HQ)

Two weeks and we have had 2000 registrations for pen pals, 1571 facebook ‘likes’ and 576 members on our website (so far!).

Two weeks and we have created something truly special; a superb community of funny, creative, passionate ladies who want to connect and make new friends. IGGPPC is what YOU make it, we wouldn’t be anything if you ladies hadn’t wholeheartedly got on board with our crazy idea.

Two weeks until Round Three.

Who knows what will be happening in another two weeks…

Mad Love,

Captain Farquharson xo
House GlaDOS