Last time we watched Freaks and Geeks and this time we tried Twin Peaks. Both are cult classics with pretty passionate fanbases. We usually agree with one another, but this time the team was VERY divided. On one side Rosa LOVES Twin Peaks, on the other Lulu CAN’T STAND IT, and I, Hadas, fall in the middle.

What are you feelings towards David Lynch’s mysterious *insert genre here* show? School Lulu and I in the comments and tell us what we’re missing. ; ) 

First Timers, What Do You Expect from the Show?

LULU: I didn’t know anything about it and really only heard of it in passing so I looked into it before watching and it sounded really interesting and intriguing based on its reviews, the fact it had a cult following, sequels, etc. I was so incredibly disappointed. Not the worst show I’ve ever seen in my life, but kind of close – just in that it was so weirdly unpredictable in a very WTF way that was so not my personal style. I guess what surprised me the absolute most was how many affairs were going on. I can’t think of one character who wasn’t involved in one in some way or another (unless they were disabled or dead).

: I heard so many things about Twin Peaks. Most of my friends (ft. Iggles) who have watched are obsessed and I heard it had a Lost vibe, or more accurately Lost was compared to it when it came out so I was super excited! Turns out I was super uncomfortable by the show and confused. Still intrigued and will watch season 2, but not running to it.

Rewatchers, What Surprised You on Rewatch?

ROSATwin Peaks is my favorite show (although I do throw this term around pretty loosely, hehe), and I’ve seen it several times, so I wouldn’t say anything with the show surprised me. What did surprise me, though, was that you two did not seem to love the show as much as I did. (Okay, not really, but as I mention on the episode, I thought this show to be a love it/hate it kinda thing, so I was surprised when Hadas neither really liked nor disliked it).

Were There Any Topical References You Didn’t Get?

ROSA: I didn’t feel like anything seemed outdated for the viewer exactly, as Twin Peaks’ aesthetics is already drawing heavily on older decades and cinematic genres; within the story, everything is supposed to seem a little outdated and old-fashioned for outsiders, and as a viewer you are supposed to be reminded of movies from other decades.

LULU: There weren’t specific references that seemed outdated as much as the whole show seemed completely outdated, which it is. From the hair styles to the outfits, and people’s relationships and attitudes. The way high school students carried themselves and acted and the way people were smoking indoors in someone else’s home! That took the cake for me. I cringed every time. That would not fly in 2015 (at least in NY).

HADAS: It just seemed like the show was outdated, but Rosa pointed out on the episode that it was on purpose. Now that I know that I might be able to appreciate season 2 more.

What Part Was the Most Nostalgic/Gave You All the Feels?

ROSA: I love that intro, and I love all the music, and listening to that immediately makes me really, really want to watch this show. As there are usually a year, sometimes two, in-between my re-watches and I very often listen to the soundtrack, it shouldn’t really be a super nostalgic feeling, but somehow it always is.

LULU: Well to be honest, I really didn’t relate to anything in the show so nostalgia didn’t really happen for me. The closest thing would be the diner – the double R. I have only eaten in a diner once or twice, and have only had a cup of coffee or soda since I keep Kosher and it’s pretty much impossible to find a Kosher diner. But the idea of a diner is kind of nostalgic for me in a way because even though I didn’t personally experience a 90s diner like most, I remember always sort of wishing I could. It’s one of my dreams to open a Kosher diner and I just love thinking about and seeing real old-school diners so that was fun.

HADAS: The relationships seemed so earnest. Like 80s or 90s movies.

Favorite Quotes

I love Cooper’s coffee and pie quotes, my favourites being: “This must be where pies go when they die.”, and his exchange with Pete (because I also really like Pete)
Pete: Mr. Cooper, how do you take it?
Cooper: Black as midnight on a moonless night.
Pete: Pretty black.

I also really love the introduction of the Log Lady:
Cooper: Who’s the lady with the log?
Sheriff Truman: We call her the Log Lady.
log lady twin peaks gif
And then I love the whole Fire Walk with Me quote from the one-armed man – it’s so creepy and eerie:
Through the darkness of future’s past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds… “Fire… walk with me.” We lived among the people. I think you say, convenience store. We lived above it. I mean it like it is… like it sounds. I too have been touched by the devilish one. Tattoo on the left shoulder… Oh, but when I saw the face of God, I was changed. I took the entire arm off. My name is Mike. His name is Bob.

I also adore the following exchange between Harry and Lucy, where he asks her what’s going on, and she thinks he is referring to the soap opera she is watching
Sheriff Truman: Morning Lucy, what’s going on?
Lucy: Er… thanks to Jade, Jared decided not to kill himself, and he’s changed his will leaving the Towers to Jade instead of Emerald, but Emerald found out about it, and now she’s trying to seduce Chet to give her the new will so that she can destroy it; Montana’s planning to kill Jared at midnight so the Towers will belong to Emerald and Montana, but I think she’s going to double-cross him and he doesn’t know it yet. Poor Chet.
Sheriff Truman: What’s going on *here*?

twinpeaks coffee pie agent cooper

Anytime Cooper talked about pie, coffee or donuts!
James Hurley: When did you start smoking?
Donna Hayward: I smoke every once and a while. Helps relieve tension.
James Hurley: When did you get so tense?
Donna Hayward: When I started smoking.
DEA Agent Dennis: I understand we’re both staying at the Great Northern. How’s the food up there?
Dale Cooper: Dennis, you’re in for a big surprise.
Sheriff Truman: So are they.

I’m the worst. I usually write down my favorite quotes, but I was cooking at the time and I missed it. I don’t even remember any bit of it just that I laughed hard. It was something Pete said.

Favorite or Least Favorite Characters

Favorites: Cooper (one of my all-time favourite characters), Audrey (THIS GIRL, PEOPLE!), Lucy, the Log Lady (I’ve only watched the box-set before where she introduces all the episodes, so I remembered her role as being much more prominent than it is), Hawk, Pete Martell, Laura Palmer (I am never really one to care too much about the whodunit plot-line, but I just wanted to know more about Laura’s story – if you feel the same way, you should check out the prequel Fire Walk With Me; a lot of people don’t like it, but I did).

Or basically all the characters, pretty much.

Least Favorites: Hm, I can’t think of anybody right now. Lots of people annoy me, but I’m pretty sure it’s only the ones supposed to annoy me. I remember from my first watch that I found Donna and James super boring, though, but I haven’t felt this way on re-watches.

Favorite character: If I had to pick it would be Cooper. I have a feeling that’s what they want you to think. Truthfully most of the other characters are so detestable. Cooper is probably one of the most interesting people on television (sort of a Larry David, meets Monk) and he’s pretty likeable in that he comes to this seriously out of touch town and really enjoys all of its quirks and naiveté and embraces it completely. As a New Yorker, I don’t know if I would have the same reaction. I’d probably act more like FBI agent Rosenfeld (played by Miguel Ferrer of Blank Check fame). Let’s be honest, the Twin Peaks population as a whole were a bunch of total imbeciles.

Least Favorite: Too many to name!

Favorite: I loved Audrey. Goodness she is clever yet annoying at the same time. Also, I couldn’t stop looking at her, so beautiful.

Least Favorite: Couldn’t stand Laura’s mom. Oof.
laura palmer's mom sarah Twin Peaks


Side Notes

LULU: – Some things I can’t get past: Lucy’s voice – for some reason the 90s thought excruciatingly annoying voices were normal TV casting – and her strange relationships, the incompetence of Andy – a cop who can’t shoot a freaking gun, the absolutely out of control state of Nadine post-pill-popping, Cooper’s weirdly accurate magic dreams, especially the missing ring.

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We had so much fun with our first rewatch episodes of the WB (then UPN) hit, Roswell (Season 2 and 3).

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