This week we are coming at you guys with a unique concept that you can try for free with an app download to your phone or tablet! Meet Toreba, the website that lets you play Japanese claw machines in real time from the comfort of your home.  You can win rare anime figures, Sanrio merchandise, and plushies that are currently in rotation with the crane machines in Japan. All you need is a little bit of luck and some basic skill to get started. For this particular article, I used a test group to gauge the app and answer many of your questions.

How Does it Fare


Toreba Promo

In order to play you have to line up the crane with the item you want in the machine; you will choose the item you wish to win from a list that will pop up after you register for the app. The group of 8 people (the test group) all were given 3 free tries where they tried to win an item from separate crane machines. From this we learned a few techniques, snippets of advice, and a general consensus about the game. Mostly everyone who played it enjoyed it in its concept and said that if they would have won something they may consider paying money for the game. Some people from the test group that saw collectible figures they had won said they would spend money if they had it.  Everyone enjoyed the music from the games and had fun trying out the project.

It’s a pretty neat little game, the prospect of not only winning items for cheap prices but also playing in real time on a real machine somewhere in the world is a pretty cool concept and its execution seemed to work nicely. I’ll definitely recommend it to a few people, maybe they’ll score something. Also I’m still debating dropping cash” 
“The game was impressive to play and definitely an experience to try, it’s pretty incredible that we can play a game from another country like this and receive prizes from it.”

The group did find there could be some lag, so be sure and take things slow with the app. You also can only move one direction once and when you let go of the arrow the next part of the game will start.  The games go like this: you move across, then up, and then the crane will drop.  You can watch others play the machine before trying it yourself and wait for the perfect time to try and grab a close to falling item. The machines are different from anything most places have so be sure to watch at least a youtube video before jumping in for maximum success rates.

A Fun Experience 


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The prize selection is amazing and has something for just about everyone. There are Rilakkuma plushies and Hello Kitty handbags for girlish style lovers. For people into anime, you can win the newest figures. Plushies are everywhere in Japan and currently they have Splatoon Squids. The prizes also ship to you for free once every week if you live in qualifying countries which is pretty impressive!

This app is a unique and fun experience to try and talk about. The app download gives you 3 tries for free and afterwards you pay the actual prices for the machines. The crew puts in new prizes as they come out and notifications will alert you to them. The game is rather hard to win as it’s not a grab and drop experience, and more of a push and pull one. Don’t let this deter you however, it’s not impossible to win!

What do you think of playing a crane game from overseas? Are you interested in trying it out? Let us know in the comments below!