Dracula (British American Horror Drama / Premiered October 25, 2013 / NBC)

3 words, ladies. Johnathan Rhys Meyers. The new Dracula is as sexy as it is intriguing. It follows Vlad the Impaler (Dracula), a 16th century vampire, on his journey to try to integrate himself into 19th century London, posing as an American entrepreneur. He has a centuries old vendetta against an underground Illuminati style organization, and his true motives lie in destroying their group. After all, they did murder the love of his life. But as it turns out, she has been reincarnated into the same time period as Dracula, in the form

of his assistant’s wife. Yeah, it’s complicated. Oh, and did I mention Dracula’s partnership with the revered unholy hunter, Van Helsing. He’s using Drac as a guinea pig in lab experiments that will allow him to be out in the sunlight, and not turn into Vampy BBQ. The show is full exciting twists and tense turns. The passion that everyone can sense between Dracula and Mina is enough to hook any hopeless romantic, but the ongoing feud between the Order of the Dragon and Dracula is thrilling and insanely gripping. Watch it with the lights out and a glass of deep red wine for the full effect.

Under the Dome (Science Fiction Drama / Premiered June 24, 2013 / CBS)

As a person who sometimes feels a bit claustrophobic even in my own home, this show will definitely give you the heebie jeebies, as you try to figure out why the main characters have suddenly become goldfish, trapped under a big supernatural dome, in a small town in Maine. As a big fan of the X-files and any alien/government conspiracy theories, my mind raced as I watched through this show, developed as an adaptation of a Stephen King novel. It has a strong and eerie pilot, as the story unfolds and the dome descends on the town – injuring dozens of people and cutting a poor cow clear in half (Poor Bessie!) As you’d figure, things go a little crazy as people scramble for power and order in their new little world. In addition to the culture shock and power struggle that you’d expect, some pretty insane things start to happen including a few teenagers who can “talk” to the dome by touching it, and a mini dome sprouting up. What is this dome? Why did it descend here? Aliens? Government testing? Will it ever go away? It’s weird and confusing, but I’m definitely curious about answering all those questions, so I’ll be staying tuned.

Vikings (Historical Drama / Premiered March 3, 2013 / History Channel)

I never thought the day would come when I’d long to live in a world as gritty and technologically outdated as the land of Scandinavian Vikings. Well, that day has come! I fully believe their justice system would totally work in our modern day… they shame thieves by making them walk up the road while hurling cabbage at them. No one would ever steal again! But the system is far from perfect, and being led by a corrupt and evil Lord has to get old quick. The main character is a true legendary hero named Ragnar, who has just that same feeling about the Lord, and he longs for a new adventure out from under his evil thumb. Ragnar is a character based on a true tale of Viking legend, and after watching a few episodes, it’s obvious how the tale of his epicness spread. Oh, and for all you girls who love a strong female character, his wife is as badass as she is beautiful. I basically love the entire Ragnar clan…. his entire family is a perfect cross section of how awesome life could be back then. *Spoiler* Ragnar even ends up taking the throne away from the reigning Earl and it’s obvious his epic destiny has been carved for him by Loki, Odin, and Thor. The show is a hot mixture of soap opera drama and interesting tidbits about the Vikings history and culture. It’s a show that you just can’t stop watching!

Fangasm (Reality / Premiered September 24, 2013 / SyFy)

While this show may not hold up to the onslaught of bad reviews it got, I completely loved it and pray it comes back for a second season. The show stars 7 average geeks who are selected to intern for Stan Lee’s Kamikazi, a geeky comic con that rivals San Diego Comic Con. I was drawn to see the show when I learned my friend Kristin Hackett would be starring in, one of my geek girl blog friends from NYC. And I was sold once I saw the cast’s genuine and loveable personalities shine through. Go figure, this reality show is actually realistic. I could sense the anxiety, the excitement, the tension, and the nerves as every exciting challenge unfolded for this geeky group. One of my favorite moments was watching Andrew, the resident Star Trek super nerd, meet his lifelong hero, George Takei, when he randomly shows up to the Fangasm house. I was bawling, and I don’t care who knows it! The climax of the season was when each of the 7 cast members were given the chance to pitch a superhero concept to Stan Lee, complete with costumes, drawings, and a storyline. My palms were so sweaty watching this group try to talk to the godfather of comic books, and not vomit or pass out from excitement. Haters gonna hate, but I absolutely loved the 7 fangasmic geeks, and watching their experience on this show.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Comic Book Action / Premiered September 24, 2013 / ABC)

When I first heard they were turning a part of the Marvel universe into a TV show, I wanted to BAMF for joy. It’s not only super exciting to have a TV show based on coming to your everyday TV watching, but for it to be directed by Joss Whedon as well? All hail Whedon. The show boasts a strong regular cast with some exciting cameos as well, including Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson, reprising their roles as Maria Hill and Nick Cage from the Avengers movie. Oh, and – mini geek out moment – Shepherd Book from Firefly has a role as a Doctor in the series. And in typical Joss “feel good” fashion. Despite the spirits of humans everywhere being crushed by the devastation in New York, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are taking human to the next level, without the help of any special serum or radioactive spiders. There’s a sense of charm and relatability knowing that these highly skilled agents aren’t superhuman, but just like you and me.