In the spirit of this month’s theme, Play With Pixels, I thought it’d be fun to explore the Pixel options we have in the gaming world. There are so many games out there, hundreds…thousands even! And a lot of those are set in Pixel art forms. And so I did a bit of research, played some new and some old games, and put a list of my top 5 favourite pixel games together for us all to share. They aren’t in any kind of order as I couldn’t decide which I loved best since they’re all so brilliant!

#1 Sheltered

Sheltered is a new survival game that is very similar to “This War Is Mine” in the sense that you must craft items around the shelter and look after your family. You can start expeditions using their radio to send a family member or two out into the wild to get supplies, where they may encounter other survivors. It’s a really in depth game and the artwork is all pixel art, which is always a gem as the art forms are so gorgeous. The shelter reminds me of the Fallout Shelter, since you make new rooms and go further into the soil because outside is just too radiated. It’s the perfect game for anyone who enjoys a bit of survival thrill!

#2 Game Dev Tycoon

Now, I’ve played countless hours of Game Dev Tycoon and honestly it doesn’t get boring. It seems repetitive but the idea that you’re running your own little game company from your garage and then progress to a big office with your own staff is, to say the least, a little thrilling. You get to name your games, choose what is most important for the genres you select, such as graphics and sound, as well as even picking the console it goes onto. Your staff can learn different skills, create different game engines and learn topics for games as well as important details, such as save game and tutorials. It’s a game for anyone who enjoys games, and a pleasant way to pass time.

#3 Stardew Valley

I’ve mentioned Stardew Valley in an earlier post, and it is still in my top five pixel games because of the vast amount of activities and gameplay there is. In short, Stardew Valley is an expanded version of Harvest Moon (and hasn’t got a ten day tutorial), it mixes in the aspects of Harvest Moon, such as the farming and romance as well as crafting. But it adds vital missing links such as fighting little mobs in the mine and of course, same sex marriages and adoption of children. Cool, right? It’s a great, casual game for anyone who wants something less bang bang and just plain fun without stress.

#4 The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac goes in quite a different direction to the games above, and I haven’t played it in a good while but it still remains in the top five because I absolutely adored it for the time I played it, and would play it again any day. It is based off of the biblical story that shares the same name, and the aim is to venture through the 2D dungeons located in Isaac’s basement, defeating enemies that get increasingly harder as you enter more and more floors until a boss emerges. You can collect little items for Isaac to boost his powers as well as unlock different versions of Isaac for you to play as. Honestly, as gruesome as it first looks, I actually find the concept adorable and the artwork is classic. I recommend it for anyone who wants something a little less conventional.

#5 Terraria

For my final selection, I found it hard to pick a final game to add. It was between Terarria and Super Meat Boy, but in the end, Terraria does give a bit more towards the adventure side and RPG side of things. However, as I say this, do check out Super Meat Boy, the story is adorable as he tries to save his love, and the gameplay is frustrating and addictive. Anyway, Terraria is a 2D Minecraft-style of game where you can craft items, build a home and must be cautious when venturing outside at nighttime. It’s basically an alternative to Minecraft if the 3D thing is getting a bit old and you want to try something with a retro feel to it. The art is really quite simple but really bright and effective. You can tunnel a very long way down into the earth as well as going one way or another in the world to find different things, monsters or items.

All of these games are available in the Steam Store now!

What are your favourite Pixel games?