Hello, Iggles! I have something wonderful to share with y’all today! It’s the Kawaii Box!

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Kawaii Box offers a reviewer of the month program and they picked us as one of their September reviewers! Now, I know a lot of you have been asking for stationery boxes, and while I wouldn’t classify this one as a 100% stationery box, it’s pretty close, and I think you’ll enjoy what came inside the September box.

Box Contents: I know most of my Japan lovers will know that “kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese. And this box is full of kawaii! Straight from Kawaii Box, I’ll let them explain their service a little bit: Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items.

So let’s see what I got in the September box! For lack of actual names for these items, I’m kinda gonna make up names. Because I can. I will also include prices for items where I can find them. I did a small unboxing video and also took a lot of pictures, so if you prefer pictures and text, scroll on down.

AlPacasso Fuzzy Tiny Zippered Purse Keychain:



This was one of my favorite things for the box, it’s soft and fuzzy and can attach to your backpack or keychain or anything. Heck, you could wear it as a funky necklace if you really wanted to. It’ll hold some change nicely or maybe store some hard candies if you’d like. Estimated Cost: About $7-8

Bears and Breads and Sweets Stickers: 



You know how I said the Alpaca was my favorite thing? I lied. These stickers were my favorite. Look at all the delicious things! A little bread! Melon pan! Chocolate cornets! Even a croissant! And some of these stickers are sparkly! They’re nice and flat, high quality, something that would be easy to stick on a package or envelope or just sprinkle a few in to a letter to a pen pal. Estimated Cost: $2-3

Deco Flakes – Fruit Shaped Nail Decorations:



These are little fruits that feel like they might be made of a clay polymer. They’re made to be glued onto your nails or even your cell phone, though you can glue them to whatever you wish, really. They’re bright and colorful, though the package makes it hard to get to each color without damaging them or mixing them up. They’re flexible but a little bit fragile. Estimated Cost: $3-4

Pink Polka Dot Mustache Shoelaces:



These shoelaces are adorable, with the little polka dotted mustaches. These would be ideal for those of you who like to change out the shoelaces on your Chucks or maybe you have a cute pair of sneakers that need an equally adorable pair of shoelaces. As someone who tries to avoid shoes with shoelaces out of laziness, these may be repurposed. Though whatever you use them for, they’re adorable! Estimated Cost: $1-3

Pink Polka Dot Hairband:



This is an adorable headband with wire inside the bow on top to help keep the shape of the bow without it going limp throughout the day. Estimated Cost: $4-5

Bear Donut Charm:


This is a hard plastic charm of a cute little bear donut with sprinkles. I love it and it makes me wish the cell phone charm craze was a thing here! Estimated Cost: $2-3

Rilakkuma Pretzels, Honey Butter Flavor:



The flavor of these kinda threw me, so I had to go look them up. They had a flowery smell and taste, lightly sweet. I realize now that it was the honey flavor, just a very flowery type of honey. My husband stole and ate most of these. I loved the packaging! Estimated Cost: $2-4

Squishy Popsicle Charm:



This is a fun foam charm that’s nice and squishy and covered in sprinkles. It’s also huge, nearly the size of my iPhone! Definitely eye catching! Estimated Cost: $2-3

Loom Band DIY -POP Set: 



I’ve never used Loom Bands before and the instructions were in Korean, so I had to look up some YouTube videos to figure out how to use these. They’re actually pretty simple to use, but most Americans generally use a Rainbow Loom instead of the Y Loom included in this package, so I had to find some Y Loom specific videos. After that, it was easy! Loved the colors and I can’t wait to send a few bracelets off to pen pals! Estimated Cost: $3-4

Kitty Earphone Jack Plug:


At first, I didn’t quite know what this kitty was for. Yep, it’s a phone plug. It just requires you to push it in harder than I was doing at first. Bonus: It will show you how dirty your audio port is! Estimated Cost: $2

Funny Panda Blank Notebook:



This is the perfect little notebook to write a letter to your pen pal in, fill it with stickers and drawings, drop into an envelope, and send away! It’s adorable and pink and it has a decent amount of pages to fill with love. Estimated Cost: $3-4

Faux Leather Keychain Wallet:



A little pink and purple keychain wallet that’ll hold a few business cards, a bus pass, or maybe your driver’s license and credit card on your keychain when you’re traveling light or can’t fit your wallet in your purse? It feels durable and doubles as a fun accessory. Estimated Cost: $5



Price: The Kawaii Box costs $18.90 USD per month. That includes shipping to “anywhere on the planet.”

Value: Overall from what I could see, I estimate this box at a value of $36-43 USD. I consider this a pretty decent value, since it’s over double the amount you pay for the box!

Quality: Several of these items are licensed and recognizable brands. Others aren’t, but they’re still decent quality. Nothing here was something I thought was bad quality or just worthless. Though I will say that I will have to be careful with the ice cream squishy charm, because the sprinkles keep breaking off. Out of everything, I think that might be the poorest quality. However, Even though I know some have fallen off, I really can’t tell by just glancing at it. Overall, it’s good quality for the money.

Bottom Line: I can see myself definitely getting a few of these boxes leading up to the holidays because a lot of these items make perfect and unique gifts for pen pals or friends! I also like that they often come with a snack, and the snack in this box was something I’d never had before. The box comes with a handwritten note and even a cute drawing on the outside. It feels personal and the amount of adorable in this box just makes you smile. If you liked what you saw in this box, you definitely need to check out the Kawaii Box!

Now for the giveaway! Kawaii Box is working with us to give one lucky Iggle a free Kawaii Box! Isn’t that exciting?! Make sure you enter right away, because it ends in four days!

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Note: While I was not paid for this review, Kawaii Box sent me a free box to review with my honest opinion.