How many of you love to send postcards? I know I do! Sometimes I ask questions like who is your favorite Avenger, a random quote – “I’m waving at fat” or just a random Ello!

So what does thrifting have to do with postcards? You can find some AMAZING vintage postcards and some of them are probably not used!

While I was in London, I visited a few thrift shops and found some amazing postcards all for about a pound each. Two of them were used and two of them are blank. The great thing about used ones, you get a history of where it has been!



These two were the used ones I found. The Tower of London postcard was sent to a Mother in Vancouver in 1969 and it some how made its way back to London.

The cartoon one was sent to someone by the name of Victor & he was being wished a happy birthday. The sender even had a child write on it! I wish I could tell you the date but all I can make out on the postmark is that it was mailed in June.


These two were found at a stall in Portobello Market. The gentleman was selling vintage books and he had a shoe box of postcards. Both of them are un-used and can be mailed as is.

I am a fan of vintage or not so vintage postcards. (I refuse to accept anything that came from the 80’s and 90’s to be vintage.) Someone sent me an awesome Nightmare on Elm Street one that she found at her local goodwill.

It’s up to you how you want to use your postcards. You can use the blank ones, write, stamp , and send or just add them to an envelope so it won’t get ruined. You can white-out the used one and use it yourself.

Another fun thing is finding postcards of your city/town/neighborhood and seeing how it looked before you moved there or before you were born.  I’m on a mission to find some San Francisco ones from my year of birth or prior.

Have you found vintage postcards on your thrifting adventures? Do you end up sending them out to pen pals? Do you keep them? Have you ever covered up the original message? Would you?

Please feel free to share your finds by linking to your posts in the comments or start a thread! I love looking at vintage postcards from around the world!

My dream is to own some Disneyland ones from the 70’s and prior. Oh a girl can dream!

Until next time, keep thrifting!