Hola!! I am back with another post on thrifting! But first let me ask, how have your thrift adventures been so far? Have you been scoring a lot of items?

Today’s topic came upon me as I was donating items. It’s something we try to do in my household. Every time an item comes home, something needs to go. It can be hard but it will help with the clutter and it will make you happy. Usually items that get donated are clothes and books.

So join me for today’s adventures, thrifting for books!!

So why go to thrift shops for books? Well they are cheaper than book stores if you have a very limited budget and you are helping out the environment with there being one less book!

What kind of books can you find at your local thrift store? Well, everything!


In the mood for a good horror book? Or you want to re-read that really great story by Stephen King, your thrift store has you covered. I read CELL and really enjoyed it until the end. That ending pissed me off! What’s your favorite Stephen King novel? What’s your favorite horror story?


Okay, so horror is not your thing. Star Wars is but you haven’t read the books. Well, thrift stores have a HUGE selection of them! Everything from the film adaptations to the ongoing adventures. You could probably find the one you are interested in or just pull and buy!


Single issues of comics can get expensive but also, the trade backs seem to be getting smaller and not changing in prices! What if your favorite comic is from a daily newspaper strip? You can mostly likely find the anthologies/ trades at your local store. Hi there Calvin and Hobbes! Oh hey!! That’s a Borders sticker.


YA books are in full force!! You can catch up on the traveling pants or read more adventures of the Pretty Little Liars while you wait for the TV show to come back. Miss Gossip Girl? Catch up with her as well!


You can also catch up on your manga reading!! Some of them are out of print and fetch a pretty penny on ebay/amazon but if you are patient and check back regularly, you can find the ones you are missing or been wanting to read. My entire NANA manga collection has been from the thrift stores and I haven’t paid more than 2 bucks a book!

Kids book are the biggest section in all of the stores I have been to. Little kids outgrow the books really quickly and once they get full speed into reading, it can get expensive. Thrift stores are perfect for this!! My boyfriend’s daughter had so many books but now at the age of ten, she’s passed the pictures and is reading chapter books! We donated all the photo books and she has a collection of spiffy chapter books that were all less than a buck each!

Also, the cool thing is I found a ton of Baby Sitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, Fear Street, all books from my childhood and picked those up for her. I get to pass on some great books, the same ones that got me falling in love with reading.  (I am reading all the Fear Street ones myself because they are AWESOME!!)

Keep that in mind when you have a new reader in the family!

But as always, please, please look through everything you pick up. You don’t want to squeee because you found an amazing book


only to get home and pages are ripped/missing. Thrift stores don’t allow for returns. Some may let you exchange.


And what did I end up walking out with on this visit?


The first seven books of Lupin, Runways trade with #1-6, Animaniacs and Masters of the Universe story books (for me), and Star Wars chapter books for the little one!

Lupin and Star Wars were 99 cents each with Runaways, He-man, and Animaniacs at 69 cents each but they were also having a deal, buy 3 get one free!!

If you can support your local book store, go for it but if you have limited funds and wanting something new to read, thrift stores are a great source!

What books are you on the look out for? What books have you bought at your local thrift store?

Thanks for joining me and until next time, keep thrifting!