Who loves traditional games? I sure do, and I always wish there were more segments for board/card/RPG game recommendations on sites I frequent, so I’ve decided to start my own. Each month I will do a list of games that fits with the theme here, and hopefully there will be a lot of games that you’ve never heard of before. This month’s theme is all about food!

Disclaimer: I haven’t played every game I recommend in this series, but I have the recommendations on good authority. I research every theme that gets covered in TG at Board Game Geek, a great little spot if you, too, are a traditional gamer. I’m going a little heavier on the board/card games to start, but will throw some RPGs in here too as time goes on. Not all games will be in print or cheap, unfortunately traditional games kind of get the shaft if they don’t sell well enough. Let’s get started!

Top 9 Games for the theme: Feed Me Seymore!

1. Food Chain Magnate

This is a pretty hard core strategy game. You compete in a group of 2-5 players to create the best restaurant company using a card driven resource management system. This one is a time commitment, expect 2-4 hours of play. (Age 14+)


2. Zombicide Gaming Night #1: Cars, Food or Guns

A three mission expansion to Zombicide, this pack comes with everything you need to play if you have the original game. This is a collaborative game for 1-6 players and lasts about an hour. (Age 13+)


3. Food Fighters

Food Fighters is a two player card game that lets you purchase gear for your troops with in-game currency (beans). The two sides do turn based combat until someone wins. This seems like a good game for playing with kids. This game takes 20-30 mins. (Age 8+)


4. Food Fight (ranked #10) and Food Fight Snack Attack (ranked #4)

Build meal combos that work well together to win the food wars! This game is made for 2-6 players and has a play time of 30 mins. This was an interesting set, because Snack attack was ranked #4 among users on BGG, and the original was ranked #10. I’d say go get the Snack Attack expansion if you can get your hands on it, but it seems like that might be difficult since it’s not available on Amazon or Ebay. (The original game is age 15+, and Snack Attack is age 13+.)


5. What the Food?!

Another card game, but this one simulates a cafeteria food fight! Make funny combos, but avoid getting humiliation points. The one with the least humiliation points wins the game. This food fight is for 3-8 players and takes about 30 mins. (Age 8+)


6. Fast Food Franchise

This is another strategy game where you build your food empire! This time it’s fast food, and it looks similar to Monopoly with some twists (like marketing campaigns and franchising). This is for 2-5 players and is supposed to take 2 hours, but if it’s the same as Monopoly you should plan for longer. And losing a few friends. (Age 12+)


7. Kings Breakfast

In this game, you are at the King’s breakfast table, and dishes get passed to players. You take as much as you dare. You want more than other players of the King’s favorite foods, but don’t want to get more than the King himself. This seems like a good game for playing with kids, and is for 3-5 players, at a runtime of about 15 mins. (Age 7+)


8. Fast Food

Build the ordered food the fastest without repeating any ingredients and you win! This also seems like a good game for playing with kids. For 2-6 players and takes about 15 mins to play. (Age 7+)


9. Scum: The Food Chain Game

This is a chain style game based on a public domain system. The art is nice, and there may be additional and more uniform rules in this version that players don’t have to fight over. For 4-10 players and takes about 45 minutes. (Age 12+)


Honorable Mentions:

  • Cards Against Humanity Food Pack — An expansion to the ever popular original card game (which means you have to have both). One player puts out a card, fill in the blanks with yours, the funniest one (in the judge’s estimation) wins! Definitely not for kiddos. For 4-30 players, 30 mins playtime. (Age 17+)


  • Snap (aka Food Snap) — This one is mostly in here for fun. Made in 1866/1905 (depending on who you listen to), it is a matching card game that takes good reflexes. When a pair is seen, the player who notices yells, “Snap!” and picks up the cards. Snap goes until a player has the whole deck. This is a good one to play with kids to help with reflexes, speech, motor skills, and pattern recognition. For 2-12 players and takes about 10 mins, apparently. (Age 5+)


What’s your favorite food themed game? Did it make the list?

Next month we explore: Things that Go Bump!

All the pictures featured came from Board Game Geek.