Hello, fellow Iggles and Miggles! My name is Elizabeth, and I’ll be the IGGPPC’s resident art blogger. Also, I’ll probably throw in an occasional book/movie/TV review, to spice things up. I’ll be blogging the last Sunday of each month, to fill you in with a new dose of adorable and amazing geek art.

You might be wondering, what is geek art? Well, it’s quite simple, actually; it’s just your everyday art, with a more geeky theme, like Star Wars, Adventure Time, or maybe even something basic, such as dinosaurs or robots (two of my favorites!). If you have a Tumblr or Etsy account, I’m sure you’ve seen it every once in awhile. In fact, two of our wonderful IGGPPC founders, Em and Emily, actually have some awesome art themselves; check it out at Second Place Prize and frogmellaink.

So, how exactly are my posts going to work? Basically, I’ll just pick a theme each month, centered around one of many different geek loves. Most of my art picks will also (hopefully) have links, so if you absolutely can’t get over the sheer wonder of that Harry Potter illustration or Doctor Who painting, you’ll be able to purchase it. My mission is to make your walls beautiful with all sorts of wonderful geeky art!

Now, time to get to the fun stuff: the actual art picks. This month’s theme, my friends, is *drum roll*…Sailor Moon!

I, for one, am just getting into the series, but am LOVING it so far. I’ve also been seeing the Sailor senshi a good bit on Tumblr, so I thought it was only fitting to feature them as my first theme. And, there is plenty of Sailor Moon art out there! Loads of it, which makes my job much easier. πŸ˜‰ So, let’s begin!

First, I’ll post my favorite piece I found of the five main senshi: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter. These were some tough decisions!

1. Sailor Moon by misscoconut – I love how this artist drew Sailor Moon! It’s adorable but at the same time makes her look a bit more grown up, and the galaxy in the background is stunning.

1 sailor moon misscoconut

2. Sailor Mercury by JHTY23 – The minimalist feel of this piece is very fresh,considering how bright and flashy the senshi and the feel of the manga/anime is. It also fits Mercury.

1 sailor moon JHTY23 mercury

3. Sailor Mars by Eriphyle – A bunch of drawings have been popping up inspired by Mucha’s Moet & Chandon, and this is an excellent example. The flowers in the background are a nice touch.

1 sailor moon eriphyle mars

4. Sailor Venus by Jenovasilver – This one is just all kinds of cute. I like how the artist kept Venus like an anime character, and the hearts shooting out of her hand are neat too. So playful!

1 sailor moon jenovasilver venus

5. Sailor Jupiter by Sophira-Lou – This illustration is on all levels of awesome. The traditional Japanese dress gives it a unique touch that I adore, and the border is also very beautiful.

1 sailor moon sophira-lou jupiter

6. Keep Calm and Makeup! by helloneko – Keep Calm posters are the best, and this is one of the better ones I’ve seen.

1 sailor moon helloneko makeup

7. Slumber Party by Tristyn Pease – OMG. Slumber parties + Sailor Moon?! What could be better? I think nothing.

1 sailor moon tristyn pease slumber party

8. Fighting Evil by Moonlight, Winning Love by Daylight by daintytea – I love the sayings in the show, and this is one of my favorites. The drawing style of this is also wonderful.

1 sailor moon daintytea phrase

9. Sailor Moon/Disney Mashup by Lily Mai – I love art mashups, and what better then to have Mulan as a sailor senshi(she was my favorite princess when I was little, with Jasmine)? The artist also made all of the other Disney princesses honorary senshi. Yay!

1 sailor moon lily mai mulan

10. Great Responsibility by Kim Herbst – The colors in this are awesome, and the general theme of the show’s more serious side shows through in this piece. Because after all, Sailor Moon isn’t just about girls dressing up and fighting crime; it’s about learning to fight for what you believe in and learning that you are unique, no matter how much you don’t feel that way.

1 sailor moon kim herbst great responsibility

And that’s all! So, which one was your favorite? (Hard decision, but mine is a tie between the Slumber Party, Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter prints). Which theme do you want me to feature next month? Get the comments starting! And in the name of the moon, I’ll punish you! Now, I’m off to sing the Sailor Moon theme song and Mulan songs in my head.

1 sailor moon

Hugs and Best Wishes,


All rights go to the wonderful artists who put their all into making these fantastic pieces of art. πŸ™‚