Welcome Iggles and Miggles to September’s post about zines.

Now today’s post was originally going to be about making quarter sized zines but I am putting that post aside for a couple of months. Instead I will talk about some things that I consider essentials for when I make zines.

Lots of pens! My preference is for black ink but blue will also photocopy well. Funky coloured pens work if you are making one-off zines or decorating covers individually.. or if you have a colour photocopier.

I just use plain white paper that you can get cheaply just about anywhere. A4 and A5 size. You can use thicker card for covers and experiment with different types of paper and card, different colours and materials.

For the cut and paste crew. Some glue is better than others and you can use paste type glue/school glue but it can crinkle up paper.

I have at least five pairs of scissors in my apartment and there are days when I can’t find any of them. Some zinesters like to use utility knives for more precise cutting out but I’m always worried about losing a finger so I stick with scissors.

You can make zines entirely by hand but if you have messy handwriting it might be better to type up your content. And you can play around with different fonts! Typewriters are popular with a lot of zinesters too.

Hands up who is a stationery geek here? Now keep those hands up if you have masses of barely used/unused notebooks in your collection. You could start filling those notebooks up with zine related writings. Take a notebook and pen (or many pens) with you when you’re out and about so you can jot down ideas as they come to you.

Other zines
A big source of inspiration when I create is looking at the work of others. If you don’t have any other zines to look at then maybe reading blogs that inspire you or any type of media. If it gets you thinking about what you want to create then read away!
For me talking to my friends that also write helps get me inspired and they’re good to bounce ideas off of. If any of you want to talk zines with me then feel free!

There’s so many other things that could be listed and I could easily fill another post with them. While I’m on the subject of the blog what zine related things would you most like to see in upcoming posts?
Reviews of my favourite zines? Step by step guides? Ideas for what to write about? Interviews with zinesters? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @alkalinekiwi

I got a really awesome review for my latest zine on a new zine review blog recently which made me super happy.

And that’s all until next month!

*Essentials for me. I don’t speak for all zinesters.

Original post by Kirsty Win

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