Greetings, iggles one & all! Spring is springing around my home base, & for some of you fall is falling! Either way, it’s a good time to highlight a shop that could brighten your outfit & your day with a little bit of class. Etsy shop The Wind Fish specializes in hand-stamped jewelry, keychains, & bookmarks, with precious geeky inspiration or personalized for your wants!


Janelle isn’t wind or fish, but she is the lady behind the magic, & she gave of her time to answer some questions for us. Take a look!

How did The Wind Fish get started?
I started The Wind Fish while I was working in a call center and was unhappy with my job. I needed an outlet and jewelry making had always been a hobby of mine. I was hoping to eventually do well enough so I would never have to work at a job I hated ever again and I’m so happy to have finally reached that goal. I do The Wind Fish full-time and I love it!

What are your current top 5 geek loves?
1. Video games! RPG’s are my absolute favorites (Bioware games are at the very top!), but I also enjoy MMO’s, survival, puzzle, and horror games. All played on my custom built PC. 🙂
2. Learning geeky songs on my guitar. I love to play and sing and my favorites are The Dragonborn Comes and Misty Mountains.
3. Streaming on my Twitch channel is a new love of mine. I like playing games with my best friend and interacting with my viewers. We have a lot of fun and play some really cool games. (Here’s the link!-
4. Of course, crafting is a big geeky love. I love turning a quote from a game or book or song into a bracelet or necklace that I can wear whenever I want. Along with jewelry making, I also make homemade bath and body products and candles with geeky names like Temple of Mythal and Antivan Leather Boots.
5. I also like seeing all the wonderful things that other fans of my favorite game series make. Art, fanfiction, jewelry, there are some incredibly talented people whose work I really enjoy.

What animated realm would you most like to have as your home?
It’s a toss-up between Middle Earth and Thedas (from Dragon Age). They both have amazingly gorgeous landscapes that I could happily get lost in.

What’s your favorite video game genre?
Without a doubt RPG’s. Games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fallout, and Saints Row are my absolute favorites. Character creation is the best part of any game for me.

When you play rpgs, what’s your favorite class to play?
I almost always choose archers to play first. Any class that’s ranged DPS is my preferred style.

What was your very first video game?
My first video game was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I got it as a Christmas gift along with a Game Boy Color when I was a kid. A quote from that game actually inspired my shop name. “The wind fish in name only, for it is neither.”


Sounds like she’d be a pen pal after my own heart! I could blather about my own love for rpgs & BioWare, but let’s let the products speak instead. I got the chance to equip two of the products to review for you, a necklace & a bracelet, & each of them grants bonuses to my charisma.

Both of these items are inspired by quotes from games, but if you don’t get the references don’t worry, she’s got plenty of other products (all at reasonable prices!) & the giveaway items are likable for anyone!

With both items, I was very impressed by the beautiful shine, & I really like the font choices. The metal has a very subtle brushed texture to it that is very nice, & the text is readable but far from plain. Something else I noticed was that wearing these little bits of affirmation gave me an extra reserve of confidence & courage– I think most of us can relate to drawing strength from our favorite characters & stories, & fandom-related jewelry is a great way to carry that with you. Also, every order comes in a darling little box, sweetly tied, & that attention to detail is a lovely indicator of what you can expect from your experience with this shop.


This bracelet will probably give you warm fuzzy feelings if you’ve played Dragon Age: Origins! You can spend nearly the whole game in the company of Alistair, & I’ve yet to meet anyone who would have it any other way. & to him, your character is the greatest thing to ever exist. So this featured quote really comes from the heart. My favorite thing about the bracelet is that it is adjustable– I favor snug bracelets, & it can be hard for me to find a fixed-length bracelet that truly feels comfortable to me, so the adjustable cord style is very appealing. There’s quite a variety of cord colors to choose from when you make your order; you can pick out something to match a casual cosplay, your little black dress, or your work uniform. From the photos on the shop, it was hard to tell the degree of the curve of the metal, but I can assure you that it’s absolutely comfortable in its design. You might even forget you’re wearing it, except that its affirming words & shine will fight for your attention. If you have large hands/wrists, I might suggest inquiring about a bit longer cord.


I hope many of you will appreciate how happy this necklace makes me! My Commander Shepard’s heart belongs to Garrus, but I love the interactions between Shepard & Thane. The Mass Effect series has such a rich story, & Thane’s part in it is really well done. Of all of the fictional words/phrases of all of the fictional languages, “siha” is a favorite for me. Who wouldn’t want to be called something that carries the meaning of “warrior-angel, fierce in wrath, tenacious protector”? This necklace has great proportions, for me it’s basically a perfect length chain & a perfect size pendant. I appreciate the comfortably large findings, it’s easy to take on & off but it’s not clunky. Basically, everything about it balances to make it something I want to wear everywhere with everything! With options in the shop to choose your own favorite length & chain style, I’m sure you’d feel the same way.


Lady gamers, lady readers, lady astronomers, lady geeks of all sorts– we have a winner with The Wind Fish. But let’s not forget, one of YOU will also be a winner, as Janelle has generously offered up a couple of her gorgeous items for giveaway here at IGGPPC! It’s a special combo package: a one-of-a-kind variation of her Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost bracelet designed exclusively for this giveaway, plus winner’s choice of a keychain or necklace with a compass design (like shown here)! What great things to have with you on your own journey through life!

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Many thanks again to The Wind Fish for their generous partnership!