wake10-coverAs most of you know (because I’ve gushed many times), I’m a huge fan of Scott Snyder’s work. I think he’s done some amazing stuff with both Batman and Superman for DC. But, I’m also a huge fan of his other stuff too (I’m looking at you American Vampire). That said, I think of everything he’s done The Wake is by far my favorite. It may be my favorite book of all time actually. And this past Wednesday the last issue of its 10-book run was released.

panel from The Wake #10It was everything I wanted it to be. As promised by Scott, it answered all the lingering questions but it did so in a way that keeps you pondering. You see, The Wake, at its heart is really a creation myth. Granted, there are a lot of other aspects to the story (adventure, horror, etc.) which can be quite complicated to try to explain to someone. “There’s the scientist and these mer-people. And the world ends up covered in water in the future. And there’s this woman with a bionic dolphin and she ends up with pirates….” It’s crazy. But it all worked and it all came together into a beautiful whole. (And it won an Eisner Award for Best Limited Series).

The book gave me a sense of ”…that feeling…that sense of something beyond—it’s terrifying” and it a book that “[challenges] us to be unafraid…”

page from The Wake #10

As Snyder has noted many times, The Wake was a book to explore.

tweets from Scott Snyder

As noted above, The Wake was a project for them all to challenge and push each other. And that’s why the power of The Wake is not just the written story; it’s also from the visual story that makes this book so amazing. Sean Murphy’s art is incredible. The terror the mer-people invoke is extremely real. And let’s not forget the colorist, Matt Hollingsworth. The book has such a great feel to it based on the color palette, particularly related to the panels set in the future.

And now that all 10 issues are out, I plan on reading them from start to finish several times over. I know there are things I missed in both the written story and the visual story. And that can be problematic with some stories. You can disconnect from the story and even forget key aspects with the delays in release. Funny enough, that seems to actually work well with this story (and if you’ve read the conclusion you’ll know why I’m saying that). As an aside, the hardcover collection of all 10 issues is scheduled to be released in November, just before the holidays. Just as an FYI, it’s on my Xmas wish list.

I actually teared up reading the conclusion of this story. There is a lot to think about. In the context of our own messy realities, there is a lot of meaning and some powerful messaging.

“See, we cried to forget. So we could believe we belonged. So we could feel at home, at rest.”

But at the same time, we all still feel the need to continue moving forward and exploring.

“So remember you. Don’t cry! Be Brave! It’s all an adventure!”

Swift Sizzle

  • This past Wednesday was a big day for comic books. Not only did we see the release of the conclusion of The Wake, but we also had the release of the final issue of Ed Brubaker’s Fatale, the third entry into The Sandman: Overture series and the second annual for Aquaman which sees him teaming up with Wonder Woman. That’s a lot of good stuff to read and explore.
art of JH WIlliams III from Sanman:Overture #3

The Sandman:Overture #3 continues to wow with the extraordinary art and detail from JH Williams III.

  • Also congratulations to Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti for each being awarded a coveted Inkpot Award during their spotlight panel at Comic-Con International. They’ve been killing it with Harley Quinn and are quite deserving.

So until next time my dear Iggles. Happy comic book reading!