Hey guys! I was actually able to get the time to make this post(two weeks in a row, what is this madness?), so here’s another week of awesomeness, including some geek inspired tattoos, the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, and info about Disney’s new princess film. Enjoy! (all images from sources)


23 into the woods

I’ve only seen parts of the original musical, but this version looks amazing. And, um yeah, Johnny Depp. And Anna Kendrick.

I don’t know about you, but reading trends fascinate me. First, it was vampires and paranormal. Now, it’s post-apocalyptic worlds. But why? Read some authors thoughts on why they chose the end of the world.

23 legos

This is too cute. 🙂

As we all know, cons aren’t always the safest places to be, so it’s nice to read about a positive experience at one.

23 Mary Blair

So, if you’re a Disney fan and haven’t heard of Mary Blair, here’s your chance to read up. She was an important figure in the making of what Disney is today.

I reallly want In Real Life; the story sounds awesome, the art is beautiful and GRAPHIC NOVELS. Here’s an interview with the artist, and she sounds like a cool lady.

23 tardis

It’s a TARDIS mini fridge! That you can keep drinks in! You know you want it.

23 moana

I’m so excited! More POC representation is always a great thing, and the plot sounds very interesting.


(Source: Arithana Ifrit)

Apparently they have these posts every Wednesday, so if you want to see even more cool tattoos, go back through the archives.

I haven’t read anything by Sanderson(yet), but I can’t wait until I finally get to Mistborn, and this list just makes me want to read his books even more.

23 mars

(image via Rolando Ligustri)

Space is the place.

This is actually a question I’ve wondered about for awhile. It’s always nice when science explains the little things like this.

23 sailor moon RPG

23 sailor moon RPG

This has been around for awhile, but it’s too bad ass not to include. Sailor Moon is the Cleric, Sailor Mars is the Ranger, Sailor Mercury is the Mage, Sailor Jupiter is the Warrior, and Sailor Venus is the Rogue. (art by Sasha Mutch)

I’ve been on a podcast kick lately, and if you like history and it’s odd little stories, definitely check this out. This past week’s story, however, isn’t for the faint of heart. O.o

History and astronomy? Yes please.

I know a bunch of Iggles were pre-teens/teens in the 90s, so flashback post! Also, the 90s were awesome.


Blog Posts

World of Warcraft…I remember when this was the thing for pre-teen boys in middle school. It’s a super fun game, and Ari’s first post about it is super cute. (WoW is fun, too).


With this makeup and costume, you would be the best dressed at your Halloween costume party.

They finally released a new video! It’s not as cute, but still, Marcel.

If New Zealand were actually like this….this is seriously one of the best videos made. Safety first, kids!

OMG IT’S HERE IT’S HERE. What did you guys think?


23 space cat

One word: space cat. Technically that’s two words, but you get the point.

23 katara

I’ve loved Katara since I first watched A:TLA as a young kid, so this tote bag is totally worth buying.

23 cat mug

Mugs are always important, and this one is adorable! You can also get customized text on the back.

23 dwarves

There aren’t many LOTR/Hobbit shirts out there, so you kind of have to dig, but this one is perfect.

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

23 tv show names

Chapman, an artist, has been translating different tv show titles and it’s great. In Poland, the Powerpuff Girls are the Atomic Girls, and in Hungary, Doctor Who is called Who Are You, Doc? There are more translations on the link.

Awwww, Daryl & Carol are such a cute duo, even if there isn’t any romance. (Admit it, their moment in the season premiere was the best part).

23 ms marvel

23 han solo

And it begins.

23 spew


That’s it! Stay tuned for more of the best parts of geek culture.

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