Hello, hello again, my fellow Iggles! It’s been far too long….but college has been far too busy. While I can’t promise I’ll be posting a treasure box post regularly, I’m going to try my best to at least post one every month. Fingers crossed! Now, here’s all the exciting news, products, and blog posts from this past week, with a little bit of a Halloween theme. (all images from sources)


22 Soska sisters

If you’re a horror buff, these twin sisters are two to watch. Also, their movie American Mary is on Netflix.

Just another reason to love this man.

22 ada lovelace

Learn a little more about one of the bad ass women of science who paved the road for all the rest of us lady geeks.

Yes yes yes. Movie gods, make this a thing now. Like right now. I’m waiting.

22 butterfly nebula

I’m in astronomy right now, and I love getting to go out and see things through a telescope that are thousands of light years away. Since you guys aren’t in astronomy, here’s your news for the week.

Where the movie gods(may or may not) deliver, the TV gods have made up for it. Now we can all watch Game of Thrones….cough cough not illegally.

22 pusheen_cat_halloween_costumes_05

Pusheen + Halloween = cuteness overload.

The main man gives you the scoop on one of the biggest TV shows on right now. (That premiere, though!)

22 The_Hobbit-_The_Battle_of_the_Five_Armies_3

Are you guys prepared for the final installation? Because I’m not. Meanwhile, have a look at all of the pretty, shiny posters.

If you’re looking for something scary to play in the spirit of Halloween, look no further. I played this all the way through back in January, and it’s excellent. An oldie, but a goodie.

22 Pac-Man-Halloween-Cookies-recipe1

Here’s a cute and nerdy Halloween recipe to enjoy.

Let us all rejoice, because, yes, everyone wants more Harry Potter. (Still waiting for the books about all of the children. Come on, J.K., you know you want to).

22 Hotah-1024x778

Yes, finally some Game of Thrones news. What do you think of the new characters and the costuming design?

Blastr gathers a collection of creepy stories each year for Halloween, and here’s this selection. Perfect if you don’t have time to commit to a book.

22 earth chart

This one goes out to all of the geology nerds.

Props to these guys. If you haven’t heard of #Gamer gate or the Anita Sarkeesian incident, read here and here.  Also, I’m super sad Adam Baldwin has been a very open supporter of this movement.

22 Baseball Promo 3.preview

(image via here)

All the info about the new season, female representation and Orphan Black from Orlando Jones (Captain Frank Irving), Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills), and Sakina Jaffrey (Sheriff Leena Reyes), plus showrunner Mark Goffman and executive producers Len Wiseman and Raven Metzner. Does anyone else watch this show? I love it.


Blog Posts

22 SailorMoonGroupbySharctank-1024x583

Yes, I am biased towards Kristina Horner. But she’s so cool! And her cosplays are so cute. Yay for awesome lady geeks.

I love looking at what other people want to dress up for for Halloween, and Kristin has some cute ideas.


If you haven’t checked this podcast out, you really should. It’s all about the ladies opinions on different aspects of geek culture, and it’s glorious. The latest episode is about Captain Marvel.

WARNING SPOILERS. I thought some of you guys who are caught up with Korra would be interested in watching this  discussion of the latest episode….I can’t wait to watch the final season! It looks like there’s some pretty intense things going on.

If you’ve never watched Erika Szabo, you should. She covers a ton of stuff- video games, anime, and other geeky things. She’s one of my favorite Youtubers.


22 2162_spock_quote_ladies_hooded_pullover_mb

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been super chilly lately. Here are some cute and cuddly sweaters you can wear to keep warm and show off your Star Trek love.

22 il_570xN.665129334_8dmr

Star Wars and Pride & Prejudice era artwork combined? That’s something I can get behind.

22 Princess Bride

Quite possibly the best version of Monopoly (only rivaled by the Adventure Time version).

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

22 tumblr_ndarcnkkDe1qmgmtbo1_500

(image via Nick. A.R. bocker)

There were quite a few cons last week, including NYCC. Here are some of the best cosplays rounded up.

Mulder turned 53 on October 13! I wonder if Scully baked him a cake?

22 Studio Ghiblie

I love Studio Ghibli, and these quotes are the cutest.

22 jurassic parks

This should definitely become a thing. Can you imagine?


That’s it for last week, lovelies- and I hope this week is even better for all of you! Check back for more geeky news.

Hugs & best wishes,