Hello again! I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween, with tons of candy, cute costumes and spooky fun. We actually got snow where I live the day after Halloween! It was pretty cool….except Halloween night was FREEZING. Anyways, now, for us Americans, it’s on to Thanksgiving…and for us college students, Thanksgiving break! (Woo!) As for everyone else, you’ve probably already moved on to Christmas already. Anyone listening to Christmas music yet? I don’t until after Thanksgiving- strict rule. I do need to start holiday shopping, though! So, back to Treasure Box business. For this past week I’ve got some exciting stuff, so dive in! (Just don’t get too greedy, eh?) (all images from sources)


24 GaleZombie

Hurd deserves her title of “First Lady of Sci-fi.” From Walking Dead, to Terminator, to Aliens, she’s helmed a lot of sci fi projects, and is a huge fan of the genre herself. She also was awarded Stan  Lee’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Geekies! Learn more about this awesome lady in the interview. (Lady power!)

Need something new to add to your shelf? Here you go.

24 jeeyoung lee-1

It’s art like this that makes you appreciate creativity. So beautiful.

Ooh, fingers crossed this happens! MacLaren has directed episodes of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. All of the directors look like they would do a fantastic job with this movie- I’m just glad a woman will be directing it.

24 sailor moon chips

Your weird news for the day. Let’s face it though, I think we would all try these.

Internet & the Arts via Boing Boing

Cory Doctorow, an editor at Boing Boing and famous author, just had his new book, Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free: Laws for the Internet Age, released. To go along with the release, he’s been asking famous people for their opinions on Internet and the arts. Here are Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and the co-writer of Night Vale, Jeffrey Cranor‘s, thoughts. There are more articles on the site.

24 alien-isolation-02

Label me both excited and terrified. Added to my list of stuff to play over winter break. A bit of spoilers.

If you have Twitter, you’ve probably seen the feminist Princess Bride tweets that have spread like wildfire. Here’s a roundup of the best. Don’t you just love the Internet?

24 Hungarian-Horntail

This week, these  original concept art pictures were released in book form, called Harry Potter’s The Creature Vault. Beautiful but terrifying, you’ll be mesmerized by the detail and horror. It’s almost like the Tim Burton version of HP.

Founder of Girls Who Code, Saujani wants to see the gender gap in technology closed. Let’s make it happen.

24 unicorn horn

This is super cool, but I still believe unicorns are out there. Somewhere. Maybe they’re trapped in all the medieval art.

I think my heart just exploded from cuteness. Yayyy cool nerds that save turtles.

24 cat cafe

NYC residents, rejoice! Lucky, lucky!

So, when the last part comes out(sobs and denies it), they’re having an ALL DAY MARATHON OF ALL THREE PARTS IN SELECT THEATERS. How cool?!

Blog Posts

24 bee and puppycat

The new episodes of Bee & Puppycat came out, and Cazz dressed up for the occasion! Her cosplays are so cute. :)


Like Breaking Bad? Like the original Go the F**k to Sleep? You’ll love this then.

“After a bad breakup, Zoe Smallman decides to take down her ex-boyfriend in a wizard rock battle of the bands.” Yes, this sounds pretty epic. Also, Kuang has other cute short films to check out on her channel, too.

I am impressed. You’ll be impressed, too, after he imitates Bane. Prepare for laughs.

Of course I had to include this. I’m so, so ready, but I’m also sad it’s about to end.  :( Also, I can’t wait for Billy Boyd’s song to be included in the movie. Ugh. Too many feels.



24 stitch funko

Funko has really upped their game in the past year, and I’m impressed. Definitely want to add Stitch to my collection.

24 nerdy scarves

For those as obsessed with scarves as I am, here’s the jackpot. I want the Marauder’s Map, BMO, and Harley Quinn ones, what about you guys?

24 her universe captain america dress

Her Universe just introduced a few new products, and this is my fave. Cute enough for everyday, but sure to be recognizable by other geeks.


Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

24 HP alliance

Officially on my Christmas list.

I’m not crying you’re crying.

24 cozy company

Awww snuggly little dwarves. And a Hobbit. ^_^


That’s it for this past week. Check back soon for more news, and stay warm, friends!


Hugs & Best Wishes,