Hello, my Iggles! I’m back once again to provide you with your next dose of geeky news, products, and posts. Read on for some info about Billy Boyd’s song for BotFA, an owl with some exceptional eyes, and some ugly Christmas sweaters that will satisfy all your geeky desires.


25 the last goodbye from EW

(image via Entertainment Weekly)

And then we all collectively dropped to the ground in a puddle of tears. I love you, Billy Boyd, and I love you, LOTR. You’ve given me so much over the years. Thank you.

A super insightful article on how geekdom is changing, for better or worse? It argues both sides, and here’s a quote pulled from the article, “New communities of nerdy people are changing what it means to be a nerd, and so what we’re looking at in this cultural moment is not the death of the geek, but the death of a stereotype.” I think IGGPPC is an excellent example of this. The article also lists some pretty rad geek activist groups- go check them out. Here’s the follow up to the article, too: The History of Women in Geek Culture Should Not Be Overlooked.

25 humphrey the hedgehog

So, after the sadness of Boyd’s song, here are some cute hedgehog pictures to cheer you all up. (Look at those little fangies!)

I always love it when science and pop culture come together, and this is a great example. An interesting theory from the article’s author(the study didn’t actually have anything to do with GoT).

25 16th century wonder woman

Can you imagine having superheroes in the 1500s? In hindsight, they’d probably be burned for magical powers. Hmm.

So, they just covered up her butt. Thoughts? Personally, I think they should have made a redesigned cover. Covering up the problem doesn’t solve anything.

25 zeus

Yes, the past week was officially cute animal week. I declare it so.

25 tamora pierce circle of magic book marks by minuiko

(Circle of Magic bookmarks by minuiko)

I totally agree with io9- can you imagine Alanna on the big screen? If you’re a fan of YA fantasy or fantasy in general and haven’t read her books, get on it now. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime.

25 lady-amalthea-last-unicorn-cosplay-01

So, so good. Her dress is stunning.

If you haven’t looked at the #MyHungerGames hashtag, definitely click on this post. The Harry Potter Alliance is a great group that encourages geeks to support causes that are related to their pastimes, and this campaign is one of the best. Basically, thousands of people have been contributing their money struggles to the hashtag, to show the hardships we all face. Check it out on Twitter.

25 geeky ugly christmas sweaters

I know it’s not even past Thanksgiving yet…but you’ve got to have your nerdy & cozy threads lined up to go before the season begins. Here are some cute ones.

Seriously. This is my life dream. Hopefully this will become a trend. (Here’s to hoping.)

25 attack on titan posters

I’m going to be very interested to see how they pull off this movie, with the special effects and everything. The casting looks pretty spot on, too. (That’s Eren up above btw).

Another casting decision is in the makes. I would really love to see this series play out well, because it’s very different than what else Marvel has on film currently.

Anyone else sad about Miyazaki retiring from directing? If so, read Kyle Anderson’s essays about all of Miyazaki’s breathtaking films. What’s your favorite Ghibli film?

25 scullly

25 mulder

If only these were coming out sooner than April, because two words: CHRISTMAS. PRESENTS. I’ll just have to wait.

Do you like history? And murder? And ancinet Egypt? Keep reading- this is a perplexing and spooky story.

Blog Posts

25 mindy tomlin

Being Geek Chic(a great blog!) has a wonderful weekly series where they highlight fantastic lady geeks. This past week’s geek Mindy Tomlin, is a talented cosplayer who sews up her costumes! Get to know more about her in the post(there’s a pic of her as Sailor Jupiter above). Also check out this other post about why we love dystopian fiction so much.


Wow, He-Man. I didn’t know you had it in ya.

And the gods smiled down on us, and gave us this video.

Have you seen Mockingjay yet? What did you guys think? I thought it was pretty good- not as good as Catching Fire, though. Here’s some random trivia about the universe.

More cute animal-ness. You’re welcome.


25 doctor who allons-y

You might not get your own sonic screwdriver , but you can have one for your laptop. The shop owner also has 9 and 11’s sonic screwdrivers too.

25 pen pals necklace

An adorable gift idea for one of your pen pals. 🙂

25 snail mail

Here’s some cheeky stationery to add to your collection, if you’re into being a bit naughty.

25 unicorn hood

Always be yourself. Or be a mythical beast with this hood. Tempting, right?

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

25 corgis

Can we make this canon? Like, the Avengers are turned into corgis? Please?

25 howl

Beautiful fan art is always the best, especially when it has a back story.


Truth? I would think so…

That’s it for last week, folks! I hope all you Americans have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and for everyone else: I hope the Christmas spirit is starting to warm up! See ya next time.

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