Hello again! I’m back with the newest edition of The Treasure Box, with all kinds of interesting news and finds. From an Indiana Jones restaurant to some suggestions for your summer or winter sci-fi novel fix, there are all kinds of stories and goodies to keep you entertained. I’ve also rounded up some posts that tie in quite nicely with this month’s theme, Super Villains. Keep on reading for all of the must-know knowledge for any geek!


37 best movie villains

Have a penchant for the truly evil, murderous villains that nightmares are made of? Here are some of the best of the best from cinema. Who are some of your favorite movie baddies?

While the outrage and shock has mostly died down now over the brutal rape scene (not from the books, significantly), it’s still just as important of an issue. While horrified to see this on screen (I’m an avid GoT fan), I’m relieved to see many people fighting back against the inclusion of rape as a plot device usually excused as showing ‘growth’ for female characters. It’s lazy and sexist writing, which hopefully will be brought to an end. The Mary Sue, prominent geek website for all awesome nerdy ladies, decided, bravely IMO, to quit covering the show and fellow IGGPPC blogger darolf expressed her thoughts on the episode too.

37 indy bar

 (image via Disney)

Need a little Indy in your life? Well, make sure to stop by Disney World next fall for a full on immersion. The park will be opening an Indiana Jones themed bar aptly named Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar, looking like an airplane hangar straight from the movie with props to boot. After the Star Wars themed restaurant (check out the menu!) that opened a few weeks ago, it seems like Disney is getting a little adventurous.

Any Doctor Who fans out there? *tons of hands shoot up* Thought so. Here are all the neat places you can travel to that are related to the show- it’s even cool just to know the places in England they used to replace actual famous sites. Better get packing!

37 sana amanat

(Collage by Ruby A., using a photo by Jacob Pritchard)

While I don’t usually link Rookie stories here, this one was too cool not to share. What geek wouldn’t love to work at such a powerhouse as Marvel? Here, Amanat gives us all the deets- she even helped to create Ms. Marvel! Lady power.

And you thought your mother had some moments…imagine living with Mother Gothel!

37 juna kollmeier

After another eye rolling incident where a scientist stated astronomers were “boys with toys,” these awesome lady scientists decided to show off their toys as well with the hashtag #girlswithtoys. Yet another incident of awesome ladies showing that they love our toys just as much- and have been in the business for a while. Here’s Juna Kollmeier with her 6.5 mm telescope; click the link to see more pictures of scientists with their toys both from the past and today.

Everyone has had Star Wars fever since the trailer release- here’s a post to step it up to the next level by traveling to a place reminiscent of one of the many planets in a galaxy far, far away.

37 joker

Well, let me just go run and hide in my closet. *shudders* Can you imagine if Suicide Squad used this version of the Joker?

Have an itch to play Pac-man? Castle Wolfenstein? Follow these links for some of the earliest video games that started our love of the art.

37 wow

In other video game news, here’s the first look at the World of Warcraft movie’s protagonist, Orgrim, voiced by Robert Kazinsky. A classic online RPG, it will be interesting to see the world in a different format. The movie will be released in June 2016.

Meg Cabot is amazing, you guys. Not only is she a great writer, she also loves Star Wars, is all about women’s rights, and is most definitely a cat lady. If you haven’t checked her out, read this interview as an intro- and go and pick up The Princess Diaries immediately!

37 super girl

image via CBS/ Warner Bros.

The newly announced (and much anticipated) Supergirl has had it’s pilot leaked! Have you watched it? What did you think? Head over to this post to see fellow blogger Ana’s thoughts.

A huge sigh from all the Agent Cooper fans out there. We all know a revival isn’t the same without the director!

Naming the microbe that explains how animals evolved from single celled organisms after the Norse trickster god? Pretty cool.

37 armada

Prefer your vacation reads a little bit on the geeky side? Here are plenty of suggestions to keep you cozy (or terrified) while sitting by the pool. Which one catches your fancy? I’ll definitely be picking up Armada, pictured above, after reading and loving Cline’s first this past winter.

Only 17 days left until the park reopens! The first trailer, which features the character of John Hammond introducing the park, is also a bittersweet homage to Attenborough, who passed away last year.

37 space tourisn

image via SpaceX/Flicker

Ever dreamed of space travel? If not, these retro posters will definitely bring it to the forefront of your mind – even if it’s still not yet possible.


There hasn’t been much hype around The Walking Dead’s spinoff yet, but we do have some vital information from this interview. Showrunner Dave Erickson states the show will focus more on the beginnings of the outbreak with a much slower pace, dwelling more on the effects of killing someone. After all these zombies will be much more human….and there’s no telling what that will mean! Time will tell.

37 nimona

image via Noelle Stevenson

Pick up Nimona for an interesting and wonderfully drawn take on the fantasy villain. Nimona, a shapeshifter, decides she wants to become Ballister Blackheart’s sidekick- without telling him first of course. As Mozzocco writes, “Stevenson uses the conventions of popular fantasy, science-fiction and superhero narratives to explore the way in which society imposes labels and roles on us all, and how, through a combination of pressure, inertia and lack of vision, we end up playing those roles, whether or not they are reflective of our true selves.”

Blog Post

37 sam maggs

If you haven’t yet checked out The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, try it out! It’s an adorable book fit for all lady geeks, and it features mini interviews with various brilliant fangirls from around the world and the web (there’s even a shout out to the IGGPPC!). Here are just a few of the interviews the author, Sam Maggs, wasn’t able to fit into the book. Go here to see even more ladies discuss what they love about being a geek. (That’s Sam above, posed with her book). (image via Screen Invasion)


Video games are known for being one of the least diverse areas of entertainment (where else is the story mostly centered around a straight white man?). That’s exactly why we need discussions like this one with Bioware lead writer David Gaider. For those not in the know, Bioware has helped create both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series which are extremely POC and LGBTQ+ inclusive. Hopefully with Bioware’s influence more companies will become just as inclusive.

Admit it- no matter your age you’ll still have a teen movie near and dear to your heart. Take a trip down memory lane with this video that features almost every popular teen movie within the last 30 years.

Um, Anna Kendrick as Indianan Jones (Dr. Henrietta Jones)? Yes please?! If only this was actually the direction the remake was going. “Man, I’m a respected professor of archaeology! Times have changed.” BEST.

This one needs no explanation.  <3


37 shower head

Want to add a little more, eh, ferocity to your shower? This T-rex shower head is the way to go – you can get it in almost any color!

37 maleficent necklace

Wear your favorite villain as a cute accessory – subtle enough to either be known as a Maleficent necklace or a just a slightly spooky bauble.

37 jareth

How can I not include David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King during Super Villain month? And these earrings are super adorable. Win win.

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

37 chewie we're home

Pretty sure this was every SW fan when they first watched the trailer (in my case tears were involved too but y’know).

Untranslatable Words Turned into Charming Illustrations via Marija Tiurina

37 untranslatable words

Some words just aren’t translatable to English – and that makes them even more beautiful. Follow the link for more words.

Disney Villains via dixie leota

37 bad ass villains

The baddest biker gang there ever was.

Hidden Gem

37 bilbo 37 got collection(Here are my personal favorites, the GoT collection & one of the drawings from the Hobbit collection) 

Ever thought, “Oh, having a collection of makeup/eye shadow inspired by one of my favorite TV shows/books/etc. would be amazing?” then felt sadly disappointed because geeky makeup isn’t real? Well, do I have news for you. Geeky makeup exists and Shiro Cosmetics makes some of the best out there. Founded by the owner, Caitlin, in 2010, the business is run by her and a friend out of Portland and let me tell ya, it is the place to get eye shadow. From collections based on Game of Thrones to Pokemon to the Avengers, there are TONS of different eye shadows for the makeup obsessed. Best parts? Their products are high quality, vegan, and cruelty-free at a relatively cheap price ($6 for a full size jar). Each container comes with a custom illustration on the top, and they include candy with each order!  I haven’t ordered myself, but I haven’t heard one bad thing. They even sell lip and face products too. So, in summary: order some cute stuff from Shiro. Treat yo self!

That’s it for this past week/month. Have a great June and remember to put on sunscreen or a coat, as the case may be, friends! (And to look out for giant water dwelling dinosaurs that want a bite of you, hehe). See you next month with even more news and thanks for reading!

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