So, I took a break. Posting every week can get tiring, so I recharged my batteries(yes I’m a robot, keep it hush hush), and now I’m back in action, with your weekly happenings in the wonderful world of nerdiness. Some exciting things to look forward to in this edition: a beautiful Inarra from ‘Firefly’ cosplay,  a new X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, and a Companion Cube you can own. Enjoy!  🙂


Two more colossal pharaoh statues unveiled in Egypt via The Sunday Morning Herald

17 egypt

So first thing’s first, I’m going to smack you upside the head with some archaeology/ Egypt news. I mean, new Ancient Egyptian statues? Indiana Jones would be so excited. (photo via AFP)

From Elizabeth to Katniss: The Evolution of the YA Storybook Heroine via Paper Droids

An interesting read on how teen girl protagonists have both developed, and stayed the same, in the past 200 years.

Inara Serra from Firefly Cosplay via Geek x Girls 17 inara

Wow, she is simply stunning as Inara. If I saw this cosplayer at a con, I would have to do a double take to see if it was actually Morena Baccarin! Twins much? (photo via Ryan Leasure Photography)

A Quick and Dirty Refresher Course on Game of Thrones’ First Three Years via io9

Here’s a huge refresher course for those who either, a). need a little reminder of what’s happened, or b). have completely blanked everything out since the show was on last spring. Hey, there’s no judgement here.

Teacher Threatens To Spoil Game of Thrones for Disruptive Class via Huffington Post

For your other GoT news of the week, this teacher certainly knew how to get his students attention.

Tamora Pierce Heroines, in the Style of Disney Heroines via The Mary Sue

17 alanna

I adore Tamora Pierce, and I adore Disney princesses, so this art work is up there amongst the best mash up art pieces. The art featured is Alanna. (art via Nest of Straight Lines)

Wonder Woman’s Battle for the Big Screen via Geek Magazine

Seriously, just give the super heroine a movie already, before she takes it herself. That wouldn’t be pretty. (While we’re on it, can we have a Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy movie, too?)

Coffee or Tea? via Mental Floss

17 coffee

Ever wondered what the world’s favorite hot beverage was? Well, here’s your answer, in map form. (Map via The Economist’s Graphic Detail)

Chris Evans says he plans to quit acting after Captain America via NME

🙁 We will miss you, you cutie with a heart of gold. But, I’ll be interested in seeing the movies he directs, if that ends up happening.

Lost Footage Emerges of Gandalf Fighting the Balrog in Ralph Bakshi’s LOTR via Nerd Approved

Ahh, childhood. I remember watching this cartoon when I was little, on top of Peter Jackson’s trilogy. Good times.

Diction-fairy via Boing Boing

17 diction fairy

Here’s your cute kid picture of the week. Now all you bookworms, repeat after me, ” Awwwwww.” (Image via Seanan McGuire)

U.S. States Most and Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse via Estately Blog

Looks like I might need to move. Or build an underground bunker. Decisions, decisions.

CBC News Reveals Justice League United’s New Cree superhero Equinox via DC News

17 equinox

I’m super excited to see her role in this comic. Marvel has the new Ms. Marvel, and DC has Equinox. I say, more racially diverse women  in comics!  (Image via DC Comics)

George R.R. Martin Has Released a Whole Chapter from “The Winds of Winter” via Nerd Approved

This is for all those who are completely caught up on both the books and TV show, and need their fix before the next season premieres.

23 Times Obi Wan Kenobi Was 1,000% Done via Buzzfeed 17 obiwanThis post made me  laugh quite a bit. I never noticed how much of an attitude Obi Wan has. (Gif via Lucasfilm-

Sleepy Hollow Stars, EPs Talk Season 2 Plans, Fan Passion for Ichabod/Abbie via Hollywood Reporter

*SEASON 1 SPOILERS* If you, too, fell in love with this crazy little TV show, here are some hints about what to expect of season 2, and also just the cast being generally cute together.

Blog Posts

Nerd Recipes: Divergent’s Dauntless Chocolate Cake via Being Geek Chic

17 divergent cake

This chocolate cake looks like heaven, and it’s related to Divergent. How can it go wrong? It can not. *WARNING: The recipe post does have spoilers from the book/movie, so be wary.* Now I want cake.

Important Days

Last Tuesday, March 25, was Tolkien Appreciation Day & Ring Destruction Day! In short summary, don’t take on a mission given to you by a friendly wizard unless you’re ready for death, destruction, and psychological damage. But it was a great journey!


X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer #2

The more I see preview wise of this film, the more excited I get to finally watch it. All of those mutants, in one movie. 😀

The Hobbit- Misty Mountains Cold (Auralnauts) 

Here’s your other laugh of the week. Just wait for it.

How Tom Hiddleston Took Over the Internet via Geek Sugar

His friendly attitude? His adorable smile? Actually, no, it’s probably because he rules over us as God. It is fact.

The Gable 5 via Machinima

I heard a bunch of buzz about this short film over the week, so I decided to check it out, and now I see why. Give it a watch yourself. There’s a plot description on the YouTube link. Also, Eliza Dushku.


Carl Sagan Star Stuff Inspirational Quote Art via BookishlyUK 17 star stuff

This is just pretty. And I like pretty. Oh, I also like this quote, so win win. It’s really cool to think that you are made of star stuff.

TARDIS Fit & Flare Dress via We Love Fine Clothing 17 TARDIS Maybe if you wear this, the Doctor will finally notice you and you can be his next companion. Here’s to hoping.

Companion Cube via Saints & Sailors

17 comapnion cube

Here’s something for House GLADOS members, and anyone else obsessed with Portal. Look how pretty it is. O.o

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

The Powerpuff Girls #4 via So Geek Chic

Oooh, such pretty artwork! This is also one of my favorite geeky Tumblr blogs.

Han Solo can fly anything via Bookoisseur

17 han

I think Han Solo and Batman riding Swift Wind will make anyone’s day better. Just because.

What movie was #1 at the box office when you were born? via Neilblr

I don’t know why, but this kind of stuff always fascinates me. Click on the link, then find your birthday. Independence Day was number one when I was born. Yes, I am a young padawan.

A Dwarf’s Grudge via gelfling-life

This was basically about 1/4 of the first Hobbit movie, haha.

Fanboy Coulson via quirkiness required

17 coulson

I swear, Coulson is adorable.

That’s it for this week, my friends. Come back next time for your dose of all things pop culture, and don’t forget to tune into The Walking Dead season finale tonight!