So, since I wrote an Art Attack post last week, this is a huuuuge collection of all the exciting things that have happened in the geekosphere. Two weeks of cool stories, Tumblr posts, and videos!  Some highlights: Jeff Goldblum’s weird laugh from Jurassic Park was made into a song, different uses for comic-con buttons, a Michonne Barbie doll, and Grumpy Cat sat on the Iron Throne. I know you’re excited. Okay, let’s get to it.


10 Facts Only “Lord of the Rings’ Super Fans Know via The Huffington Post

16 fool of a took

Need some more LOTR info to impress fellow geeks with? Well, here you go. (Gandalf the sass master).

Los Angeles Might Get Its Own Cat Cafe Too via Anime News Network

If you haven’t looked up a cat cafe, go do that now. In the meantime, I’ll be taking a trip to LA.

Katee Sackhoff interview: Battlestar, Haunting,  Statham via Den of Geek!

16 katee

I still need to read this whole interview, but OMG Katee Sackhoff! Starbuck! I need to rewatch Battlestar Galactica.
12 Years A Slave Wins Best Picture At the 86th Academy Awards via Geek Magazine

This has been forever ago and I’m sure all of you already knew this, but I feel like it should be included in this post.  

5 Things to Do With Comic-Con Buttons via Geek Mom (image via Lisa Kay Tate)

16 buttons

Yes, finally, good ideas! I have buttons scattered everywhere, now to make use of them. I’m always just too scared to put them on my purse/bag for fear of them falling off. I especially love the magnet idea.

Someone made a song using Jeff Goldblum’s weird laugh from Jurassic Park via A.V. Club And this is why I love the Internet.

These Amazing Illustrations Are Like Google Maps For 1900s Japan via Gizmodo

16 japan map

Art, history, and Japan? It makes my little nerdy heart sing.

Why  it’s easier to swear at people in another language via io9

Now, some interesting psychology for your reading pleasure. Science is the best sometimes. Actually, all of the time.

The Freaky and Geeky Cakes of Heartache Cakes via When Geeks Wed

16 bmo cake

Can I have a BMO cake for my birthday? Please?

Zombie Studies Gain Ground on College Campuses via The Wall Street Journal

This sounds like the college class I need to take. Sign me up. Pop culture isn’t just pop culture, as all of us geeks know.

Fierce and Beautiful Wonder Woman Cosplay via Fashionably Geek 16 wonder woman

Just wow. This is one of the best cosplays I’ve ever seen.

8 Things You Should Know About ‘Cosmos’ via Buzzfeed

I still need to watch the premiere of this! Has anyone watched it? What did you fellow Iggles think?

Ltd. Art Gallery Game of Thrones Seattle Exhibit via The Mary Sue

16 got art

(Daenarys by Stacy Aoyama) I guess I’ll have to make a stop in Seattle too, on my trip to LA.

Exclusive Interview with Dark Horse Editor in Chief via The Mary Sue

This interview is all about women-women in comics, women characters, etc. Hell yeah. Here’s the link to the second part of the interview.

Who Would Win in a Fight: The Hulk, Thor, or Stan Lee? via HyperVocal

16 stan lee

I’m voting for Stan Lee. Just because without him, Thor nor the Hulk would be here.

Cosmos Ep. 1 Review via Geek Magazine

A pretty good review of the first episode.

Grumpy Cat Sat On the Iron Throne, and the Internet Exploded via Geekosystem

16 grumpy cat

Seriously, I didn’t know I needed this, but now I realize how necessary it was for my existence.

Game of Thrones is catching up to George R.R. Martin via io9

Uh oh. I wonder what will happen if it passes him?

Custom Michonne Barbie Doll Fit For a Post Apocalyptic Toy Box via Neatorama

16 michonne

I think that this toy is in the running for most bad ass Barbie doll ever.

BBC America Announces Real History of Science Show with A Nerdy Star Studded Line Up via Nerd Approved

Oh my god give it to me now.

29 Examples of Marvelously Geeky Nail Art via Buzzfeed 16 nail art

Now I just need to find someone who can do those Adventure Time nails for me.

Don’t Freak Out But There’s New Art for the Sailor Moon Reboot via Geekosystem

16 sailor moon Admit it. You freaked out.

Blog Posts

Cosplay: Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim(Volume 5 Cover Version) via xo Mia

16 ramona cosplay
Even more pretty cosplay.  😀 I love Scott Pilgrim, and especially Ramona. I need to finish the graphic novels.

Books I’ve Read &  TV Shows I’ve Watched in January & February via Super Space Chick

I love these types of posts, and I love Super Space Chick, so I’m excited to have more books/TV show suggestions.  🙂


BELIEF via HuvrTech

Sadly, these hoverboard copies from Back to the Future aren’t real. We can dare to dream.

Times when it’s NOT okay to sing ‘Let It Go’ via Rob Manion

Yeah, somebody went there. Curse them.

Ian  McKellan and Patrick Stewart Take Over Late Night via The Mary Sue

Seriously, why don’t they have their own show yet? Does Hollywood realize how many people would watch that?

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer #3: Secrets

I am getting more and more impatient for this series everyday, what with all the press and trailers. Hurry up, April 6!!

Happy( WE ARE FROM TATOOINE) via SW Fans Tunisia

Another cute Star Wars video that was actually filmed where the original sets are at.

Void Dylan/Stiles via Teen Wolf

Add this to the long list of shenanigans the Teen Wolf cast have done. Seriously, they’re all super adorable together.


Gorram Skater Dress via Complicated Spoon Clothing

16 gorram dress

Skater dresses are super comfy and stylish. And this one has Firefly quotes all over it? I think that’s a win win.

Game of Thrones Houses Women’s Pullover via SoEffingCute

16 got pullover

Maybe you can sport this cute pullover while watching the fourth season premiere? Just a thought.

Dinosaur Sneak Attack Ice Tray via That’s Nerdalicious 16 jurassic park

Any Jurassic Park fan should have this in their kitchen.

Thorin Oakenshield Hobbit plushie via sinnabunnycrafts

16 thorin

Keep him by your side and he’ll protect you always.  Unless you’re an elf. There might be some problems then.

Kitty Geek Sticker Sheet via Chibi Works by Garios

16 kitty stickers No description needed. Just cuteness.

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

Babe with the Power via eyelinerlyrics 16 babe

Mulan and a pen via bloodofvirgins

Seriously Tumblr can be the best sometimes.

Monkey Best Friends via drowning-in-my-fandoms

I think I just overdosed on cuteness.

She Makes Comics Documentary Kickstarter via quirkinessrequired 16 she makes comics

This is a super important documentary, and who doesn’t want to see a movie about women and their role in comics? If you have the money, please donate.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey via elenaelenamariamaria

Smart, Strong, Sensual Woman via ohmygoditserika 16 bob's burgers

Mean Girls & Thor via loki-friggason God, Malekith.

That’s it for these past two weeks! Now I am going to go collapse and die. I hope everyone’s week goes swell, and if you have anything you think I should add into my next post, just let me know!