Drum roll please……the Treasure Box is back, and I’ve got some especially good stories from last week! If you’re interested in the new season of Doctor Who,  geeky bath products, or a hedgehog’s tiny birthday party, read ahead!


The first episode of Doctor Who Season 8 leaked. So what? via Blastr

No spoilers- just a good article on fandoms and living in a world where spoilers can strike at any corner. (I’m looking at you, Twitter).

Meet The Cast of Big Hero 6 via Den of Geek

20 big hero six

The stills for the new cartoon movie, Big Hero 6, are out, and it looks like a great combo of Disney and Marvel awesomeness. Here’s the still of my favorite character,  Go Go Tomago. The character bio caught me when it said she’s sarcastic.

NASA: Humans could find alien life within 20 years via CNET

All you science nerds, let’s all go silently freak out in the corner while debating what the aliens will look like. Hopefully they won’t hate us like Stephen Hawking predicts.

Comics Alliance Presents ‘Kate or Die’ in ‘Girl Power’ via Comics Alliance

I love Kate Leth, and while her comic for this site has been running for awhile, I just discovered it.  I love the message of the newest one, though- BECA– USE NEW BATGIRL.

The New Batgirl via Neatorama

20 batgirl

Let’s continue freaking out down here, shall we? Also here’s a link to a pair of boots that are a lot like hers…..

Marvel Announces New Thor is a Woman! via Geek x Girls

20 thor

And of course we can’t forget about the new Thor. I can’t wait to see her back story. All the lady love this week has been the BEST.

J.K. Rowling Adds Something New to the Harry Potter Spectrum via Geek Magazine

And the Internet went crazy. The story was great, and I loved getting a peek into Harry, Hermione and Ron’s world again. Also, happy seven years since Deathly Hallows came out- remember, we are book 8!

Joss Whedon Takes His Doodles to Another Level via io9

20 firefly wash

This is canon and no one can tell me otherwise. (Live, Wash, live!!)

The Pros and Cons of Fictional Pets via Dorkly

Good points. But I still want a dragon.

Rad Bee and Puppycat Cosplayers via The Mary Sue

20 bee and puppycat

(picture via Amanda Dawn)

Great cosplay makes me so, so happy. Why Bee & Puppycat isn’t a show on Cartoon Network is beyond me.

Possible “Jurassic World” Brochure Gives Us a Glimpse of the Theme Park via Nerd Approved

I.  Can’t. Wait. I mean a new Jurassic Park movie is awesome by itself, but Chris Pratt, too? Yes, please.

Eren and Mikasa Action Figures via Geek x Girls

20 eren and mikasa

GIMME. *grabby hands*

The Girl Who Would Be King Will Be A Movie via io9

I don’t know if any of you have heard of this book(summary here), but I’ve heard nothing but good things. I need to read it! Here’s an interview with the author(she seems like a rad person).

Now That’s One Awesome Totoro Cake via That’s Nerdalicious

20 totoro


(image via Mike’s Amazing Cakes)

Geeky baking achievement: unlocked.

The Last of Us’ Ashley Johnson angry over Assassin’s Creed via Videogamer.com

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the  ‘women characters are too hard to animate’ bullsh*t  Assassin’s Creed developers said a few weeks ago. I’m glad to see another voice in the industry speaking out against this utter nonsense. Girl gamers unite!

Made with Code  via Google

20 code google

Learn to code and make a super awesome bracelet, too! (I’m thinking IGGPPC or your house would be a cute idea for the words part…) And it’s free!

5 Summer  TV Shows You Should Be Watching via Paper Droids

All your TV needs, solved. (IMO, I’ve watched Extant and The Strain, and both seem promising).

The Hound & His Chicken via That’s Nerdalicious

20 got hound


(photo via David Ngo)

Don’t get between a man and his KFC.

Why Veronica Mars is Awesome via GeekSugar

Still need to watch this show- I know some of you guys are huge Veronica fans, so I shared this for you!

Blog Post

The Nerdy Girlie’s Top Ten Tips for San Diego Comic Con

A very helpful guide if you’re going to SDCC. (So jealous!)


Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog via HelloDenizen

Just watch- you won’t be disappointed. The cuteness levels will have you speaking in that weird high pitched voice we all get around animals.

New Comics Pull List July 16 via Nerd Burger

Cass has a new video series: a pull list! She has great taste in comics & graphic novels, so check it out!

BookTubeAThon Day 1 & TBR via Kristina Horner

I love Kristina Horner. I love books. So watching her first try at BookTubeAThon was super fun to watch- the daily videos are on her channel, but here’s the first.

Chimps React to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes via Nerdist

I don’t know if you guys love chimpanzees as much as I do, but it’s still cute to see their reactions to this movie. And they buy their own tickets! Such smart, beautiful creatures.


Sailor Moon Set of Five Necklaces via Blings to Pay the Bills

20 sailor moon necklaces

The five inner senshi- each for a best friend. You know you’ve already figured out who’s who in your friend circle.

Health Potion Gamer Geek Body Wash via Bubble Girl Soap Co.

20 health potion body wash

It smells like strawberries and blackberries? I’m sold.

The Creatures of Middle Earth zine via Angela Rizza Illustration

20 creatures of middle earth

A must for all devoted Tolkienists.

13 Ways to Add More Tina Belcher to Your Life via Buzzfeed

Because you can never have too much Tina.

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

Bosozoku Sailor Scouts! via Babs Tarr Illustration

20 sailor biker scouts

The same lady who drew the new Batgirl. Yup. This is currently my computer’s wallpaper.

Has This Been Done Before? via notkatniss

20 dany

The one thing Dany loves almost as much as freeing slaves and exacting revenge? Starbucks.

Gandalf as Ariel via winterrs-soldier 

Gets me every time.

That’s it for last week! Check back for more news, videos, and generally delightful stuff next week!

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P.S. The IGGPPC books for July are:

Book of the Month: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

Graphic Novel: Ms. Marvel #1 Meta Morphosis by G. Willow Wilson,  Adrian Alphona

Series Books: Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3) by Marissa Meyer

I’ve linked each book to it’s discussion on Goodreads! Come and join, the more the merrier! We always have great conversations.  🙂