Ready for this week’s collection of interesting and unusual news? I sure hope so! Now, time to dive in.  Some of the things I found: X-Men Days of Future Past magazine covers,  a velociraptor cage for sale, and a handmade plush BMO. You know you want to keep reading.


Empire Magazine Reveals X-Men: Days of Future Past Cast With 25 Covers via Indiewire

10 xmen empire

X-Men is my favorite comic series, therefore, I am super excited for this movie. I’m super excited about seeing all the characters together, and am hoping it will all work together(but let’s be honest, I would probably still like it even if it doesn’t turn out to be great).  All of the cast was revealed this week; you can see all 25 covers at the link.

Dapper ‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi’s new Time Lord threads via CNET

I personally quite like the 12th Doctor’s clothes- it’s a nice mix between traditional and modern clothing. Thoughts?

You can buy the Velociraptor Cage from Jurassic Park’s Opening Sequence! via io9

Who wouldn’t want their very own velociraptor cage? It certainly would be a conversation starter when you have guests over.

The iPod is Kaput via Newser

This is very sad news. iPods have been a crucial part of my life since I was about….9? Curse you, ubiquitous iPhone.

Don’t Be a Dick: A Comic About the History of Lady-Centric Comics via Bitch Magazine

A very thorough and interesting look at the history of comics. They’re publishing a series on women and comics, so I look forward to reading the rest.

Adam Lister’s Pixelated Watercolors from Pop Culture via Neatorama

10 hitchhiker

These are super cute. Of course, anything pixelated is.

Blog Posts:

Doki Doki: Anime & Manga Helped Get Over A Heartbreak via Girl Gone Geek

10 nana

I really  enjoyed this article. It helps show how much our geeky interests can help us in times of hardship.


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay via Machinima

10 shadow of mordor via ign

Me and my sister were already SUPER excited about this game, but after seeing this preview, I NEED THIS GAME. September, please hurry up. (photo via IGN)

Sword Art Online on Anime Club! via SourceFedNERD

I love SourceFed. I love SAO. Therefore, I loved this review. (Look at me, using my literary terms/fallacies knowledge).

Rosanna Pansino’s Youtube Channel

Food and geeky things? Pikachu Chocolate Roll Cake? TMNT cake pops? A PUSHEEN CAKE? I want it all. SUBSCRIBE.


14″ Handmade Adventure Time BMO Felt Plush via TheFeltedFaun

10 bmo

BMO is one of my favorites from Adventure Time. AKA I need this. The shop owner also makes a plush Lemongrab, Finn, and LSP.

Unicorn vs. Dinosaur Women’s T-shirt via Binary Winter Press

10 unicorn

I desperately need this shirt in my life. Dinosaurs and unicorns are my favorites.

Batman Arkham Asylum Bookshelf via  FictionFurniture

10 batman

That’s one way to liven up your bookshelf.

On Tumblr…:

Studio Ghibli Posters via forsmithsandgiggles

Fangirl art via siminiblocker

10 fangirl

Look, artwork for next month’s book club pick, Fangirl!

So Much Tom Hiddleston. via mrlokid

Album of the Week:

Kaboom! by I Fight Dragons


Do you like pop music? Catchy lyrics that are usually geeky? Oh, and add in 8-bit? If so, check out I Fight Dragons. They’re one of my favorite bands, and have been on heavy rotation this week.  Here’s the video for  “cRaZie$“.

That’s it until next week folks! Have a fantastic weekend!

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